Find the crumbling building to the west of the main asylum gate. The game does not continue, it ends immediately after the last boss fight;

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The trophy is right there on the floor.

Batman arkham asylum riddler trophies arkham west. Abandoned tunnel (arkham west) requirements: Blow it up, drop to a small cave and take the trophy. Well, after you defeat ivy, go to the left side of the intensive treatment building where the fence is chained up with a big lock.

This answer is applicable to the ps3 version and may be applicable to the other versions as well. After a short while travelling through you should come to an open room with skulls in the middle, the trophy is behind a collapsible wall to your right as you enter the room. Arkham asylum on the xbox 360, a gamefaqs q&a question titled west riddler trophy?.

Ultra batclaw this trophy is also in the passage connecting arkham west and arkham north. View all the trophies here Arkham mansion penitentiary the sewers medical center botanical gardens riddles arkham island, west

During this section you must pay attention to the meter that is displayed which warns you of your movement. This includes finding riddler trophies, solving riddles, destroying joker teeth, finding messages from the spirit of arkham, and actually finding riddler maps. The trophy is sitting on the floor in the corner.

Grapple up to them and look for the wall grate. Every map, every trophy, every interview, every chronicle and more. Look up and use the hook.

Riddler trophy just above the locked door to arkham north in the passageway between the two areas, pull down the weakened wall up high with your ultra batclaw and grapple up for a. Right after the ride begins, hold down the left trigger to slow down the process. Shoot a line towards the western wall.

You'll have to enter the tunnel connecting arkham west with arkham east. Pull it down with the ultra batclaw and nab your trophy. The last trophy everyone is looking for is in the north portion of the map, but it's behind 3 planks.

Yes, you can freeplay after the end of the game in order to collect all the riddler trophies and complete any challenges you may have missed. Stand east of the trophy, look up and use the grapnel gun to reach the upper ledge #1. Arkham asylum has now been remastered on the ps4, so if you never played this before, you can now play it on the ps4.

The trophy is in there. Halfway along are a couple of high concrete rafters. Be on a look out for a large gate.

There are a total of 240 challenges laid out by the riddler for batman to solve on arkham island. Pick up the trophy #2. When going through its door, look to your left.

Use the line launcher to cross from the west sniper tower to the ledge with this riddler trophy along the western edge of the area. Rec (steel mill access #1) sequencer. Once you're there activate the detective mode to find a weak section of the floor.

Our walkthrough to all 240 challenges! Ok, alot of people of wondered this and here it is. Missing one riddler trophy in caves (spoilers possible) batman:

Arkham asylum has 48 trophies. Every map, every trophy, every interview, every chronicle and more. To unlock this trophy you must gather spores for an antidote for poison ivy inside killer croc's lair.

Enter the tunnel that goes from arkham west to arkham north and grapple to the platform above. Most trophies require certain upgrades or game events. Look for a vent on the wall to use your batclaw on.

On this page of our guide to batman: Our walkthrough to all 240 challenges! Riddler trophy 13 tool needed:

This one's in the passage connecting arkham west and arkham north. Hop over the wall and see the vines split open to enter a cave,. Arkham asylum trophies arkham island, west.

Make too much movement and killer croc will grab batman which will be instant death. I doubt you still need help, but this trophy can be found by hopping over the wall directly after coming into arkham north from arkham east, and heading into the cave leading to the batcave. On the end of the cement dock located to the left of the entrance to the mansion.

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