I'm not saying to put the icons in the map, but a tool to show the proximity of a trophy would be great. Arkham city, you eventually acquire the ability to spot informants for riddler trophies (they're highlighted in green while in detective mode).

Batman Arkham Knight Riddlers Trial Beneath Gotham Casino

There are a total of 315 riddler collectibles in batman arkham knight (179 trophies, 40 riddles, 6 bomb rioters, 90 breakable objects).

Batman arkham knight interrogate riddler informants. Lock up the riddler in gcpd. Whether you take them down last or not. They are required for the following trophies:

Throughout each island you will see thugs and cars highlighted in green. Spread your search out across all three islands. Those dudes flashing green are riddler informants, you interrogate them and it adds the riddler stuff on your map (just like city & origins) it's the only way to find them faster

Officer jt wicker, found at the gcpd lockup, was identified as a riddler thug, but combat was impossible there. You need to go to them when you see them and interrogate them. Once you free catwoman from the riddler, he will then task you with completing his challenges in free roam.

It is also required for 100% game completion and to get the full knightfall protocol ending. You can interrogate riddler informants on the streets of gotham to unlock the collectible locations on your world map. Not 100% sure, but i think that informants don't spawn in specific places, i think they just are generated randomly as.

However this time, there's a chance where an informant would fight back and attack you. If not, that's bad design. It promises to expand the open world from the previous game, allowing players to drive the batmobile through gotham city's streets.

A new mechanic was introduced in this game. Active 9 years, 7 months ago. There's one encounter where this is a real issue.

Riddler informants are highlighted in green. Riddler informants tend to disappear when bats hangs on the same island for too long. Because the game tries its hardest to keep you from doing special takedowns on thugs you're going to interrogate, you're arbitrarily prevented from using one of your most effective tools for dealing with that type of enemy.

You need to deal with the informant's guards and interrogate him. Of course, you can find the individual collectibles entirely basing on this guide, but you can make things easier by making their general whereabouts appear on the map, as you explore the game world. There are 315 riddler challenges in total;

(rmb, y, δ depending on platform, as referenced in the other answer.) batman will grab him, and the other two cops will draw their weapons. Keep an eye out for green. The riddler panel itself shows everything you still need, regardless if it shows up on the map or not.

More informants spawn as you progress through the main story. While not instructed to do so in game, pressing counter made batman interrogate him. Should i get arkham knight for $10?

In previous games, interrogating an informant would always reveal locations of riddler puzzles. Your best bet if you can't find anymore informants is to hit restart, jump back into the game, and then look around again. Ran into gcpd, and help up the cop in there who's a riddler informant (the one who glows green near the holding cells, there is no prompt, you just have to hit y near him).

That you revealed through informants or tagging them with detective vision. Arkham knight are much easier to solve once you have obtained their general location through interrogating riddler informants. Interrogation of informants may help you in locating the collectibles.

Final breakdown of arkham knight's combat system and its flaws: Instead of killing them, you must press triangle or y to interrogate them. As once the informant was beaten they'd stay conscious until after batman interrogates them.

Arkham knight, developer rocksteady's return to the batman series, takes place one year after arkham city. Another thing to remember is not all the informants are localized (i've found informants on blake give me info on miagami), so make sure you're looking inbetween all three islands as well. What were your thoughts when finishing arkham knight?

You have to also keep in mind that, for example, an informant found on miagani, won't necesarily give you the positions of miagani riddles. Hit the interrogate button you'd usually use on riddler informants. I know that's cheating, but i would get crazy if i had to find all the trophies by myself and i don't have the time to look for every spot in the city.

You can interrogate riddler informants on the streets of gotham to unlock the collectible locations on your world map. Fortunately, while exploring the city, you'll encounter riddler informants. The reason why the map says you have no more to collect is because it only counts the riddles / trophies, etc.

Basically, you need to punch them into submission until. Countering the attack seems to always knock him out. He is, in fact, a riddler informant.

I think that, after arkham knight's hq, all informants can be found and interrogated. They are riddler informants and will give you locations on the map where riddles, trophies, breakable objects, and bomb rioters are. Once you arrive in the general location of a riddle, the riddler will read the riddle out for you and the riddle itself will appear on the screen.

I hate that i have to use a map from the internet. I've noticed that these informants keep popping up in the same spots after interrogating them earlier. It's not very well known, as he said it in a twitter reply to someone, but sefton hill said that riddler informants will start to avoid an area if you interrogate too many on one island, so check the others.

Quickly, though the guy will confess to being an informant and give you the goods. Riddler has over 200 collectibles scattered in the city and finding them one by one can be an arduous task. Is there a helper to locate the trophies?

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