Batman vs joker and riddler. But since we are dealing with the movie villains here, i'm gonna have to go with the joker.

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But the first issue in the storyline makes a valiant effort at giving us a scary riddler.

Batman riddler vs joker. Joker finds himself unable to laugh, while riddler (who claims to be able to solve anything) admits he is incapable of solving batman. Fight takes place in a warehouse. The riddler would typically be considered smarter.

Batman batman is only beating joker because of luck as he's the main character and all occasions where joker beats batman would result in countless alternate universes that are too dystopian to replace the main universe where batman should always win as joker would kill him otherwise unlike the dark knigh , the second batman film, where healt ledger lost all his praise for his great performance as joker by. He’s a construct of pure chaos. With the gothic tone already established for matt reeves' the batman and the riddler confirmed as the film's antagonist, the gotham city.

Maybe his insecurity will be. Whether it be through batman or one of his allies. Riddler has dispatched a large group of thugs to a fancy dinner party held between the high life of gotham and has challenged the batmen to get there and stop the group.

With the batman trailer showing the riddler in a new, unsettling form, there's potential for this version of the character to be dc's scariest yet. Batman is far smarter, stronger, and better equipped than joker, but the clown does have one advantage over the bat. Two face has two pistols with unlimited ammo.

Riddler is very smart but i don't see joker falling for his tricks. Joker has15 exploding dolls and 5 gas bombs. When he wakes up, joker asks bruce why he.

Maybe they’ll use the fact that riddler plays second string to joker as a story point. And the war comes, and he learns he knows nothing. He follows no rules, while batman is tethered to his own code of honor.

Joker is smarter but he is also crazier and more random, which is both an advantage and disadvantage. That said, i would wager than the joker knows a lot more about riddler than riddler does about joker. He also observes that jokes need to be unpredictable, and so concludes that the predictable pattern of conflicts with batman has ruined any punchline the joker might enjoy.

The war of jokes and riddles, a story of the past that will shape the future of the dcu. How the batman could make the riddler scarier than the joker. A year after he began, batman thinks he understands the pain and power of gotham.

But… this isn't even comparing apples and oranges. In terms of dealing with batman, the joker often challenges batman’s character and morals while the riddler tests the hero’s intellect. A story that actively doesn’t understand the riddler and hates you for enjoying who the character is actually.

Joker’s gonna steal the riddler’s heat. This is comparing apples and blue. I'll go with joker, but it'll be hard.

The joker doesn’t have any ties to this world, he cares about nothing, certainly not his own life. Batman riddler im batman batman robin batman stuff batman logo superhero logos batman cookies batman drawing batman party. So let's look at our cont.

Riddler explains his predicament to the clown prince. Even one of the riddler's own henchmen is shocked by his sadism and remarks that the riddler is, “starting to make the joker seem positively sensible. the riddler's behavior seems even more sadistic than joker's because riddler's actions are just as sporadic and senselessly violent, yet he maintains his patterns of clues and riddles making all of his actions premeditated and not senseless. Joker and batman end things with a fight where bruce beats joker to death but revives joker after bruce realizes what he's done.

Ah yes, the war of jokes and riddles. Each of them is intelligent, just in very different ways. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up.

Dawn of justice, but decided not to. Score hidden · 13 minutes ago. Zack snyder tells us that at one point he considered putting the joker and the riddler into batman v superman:

Riddler is extremely intelligent and very underrated. Another distinction between the two is that the joker is both capable of physical and mental pain while the riddler often participates in the cerebral type of matches.

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