Imagine there is only 1 person on the island, he will look around and see that there are no blue eyed people, he will then know his eye color in 1 day, if there are two, each will see that there is 1 blue eyed person, of this person doesn't leave on the 1st day, that means that he must also have blue eyes so that the same rules apply to the other man's perspective, following this logic, n= blue eyed. To leave the island, one must know their own eye color.

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As far as he knows the totals could be 101 brown and 99 blue.

Blue eyes riddle island. Each night, when the captain of the ship comes, the islanders have a chance to leave the barren and desolate spit of land they have been marooned on. Exactly two person has blue eyes Out of the 200 people on the island, there are 100 with blue eyes and 100 with brown eyes (the people on the island aren’t aware of this).

2) island has 2 blue eyed persons. This riddle kept me up all night. There is also a guru who has green eyes.

On day 1, alice knows the oracle can see bob with blue eyes. The hardest logic puzzle in the world a group of people with assorted eye colors live on an island. If they get it wrong, they will be shot dead.

Person 1 sees 99 people with blue eyes, so suspects that person 2 might see only 98 people with blue eyes, in which case person 2 would think that person 3 might only be able to see 97 people with blue eyes, in which case they would think that person 4 might only be able to see 96… all this speculating is unravelled when everyone finds out that if person 100 could not see any blue eyes, then person 100. Since, he knows that at least one person has blue eyes, he must conclude that it is he who has blue eyes. When it doesn’t, they realize that the only way it can’t happen is if there are 2 blue eyed persons.

There is a real answer. According to an ancient tradition which is honored by all, if a person ever discovers that he has blue eyes, he will promptly commit suicide the following morning. Each can see 998 brown, 1 blue.

When he sees that they didn't, he knows his eyes are blue. They are also not aware of the number of blue or brown eyed people on the island. All three of them are doing this same process, so they all figure it out on day 3 and leave.

However, there are no mirrors on this island and the ocean is too murky so the tribesmen have no way. The outsider saying that people have blue eyes now tells everyone nothing on day 1 or day 2. 1) island has only 1 blue eyed person.

Each resident can (and does) see the eye colors of all other residents, but has no way of discovering his or her. So each blue eyed person would see 99 blue eyed people, 100 brown eyed people and 1 green eyed guru. Problem on an otherwise deserted and isolated island, 200.

Since he hears the foreigner and can see 999 brown eye balls, he concludes its he who has blue eyes. Since there are no mirrors on this island, no person knows the color of their own eyes. (these people cannot tell if 1b or 2b is the truth) in 1b, the person with blue.

This induction can continue all the way up to theorem 99, which each person on the island in the problem will of course know immediately. Let's say just two people on the island, alice and bob. Yet, their religion forbids them to know their own eye color, or even to discuss the topic;

Number riddle is a classic math puzzle game. Every night at midnight, a ferry stops at the island. But because they cannot depart the island without being certain, they cannot begin the process of leaving until the guru speaks, and common knowledge is attained.

Xkcd's randall munroe tells a version of this puzzle, called blue eyes, that he's dubbed the hardest logic puzzle in the world. Person #1 hears that at least one person on the island has blue eyes from the. There are 100 people with blue eyes and 100 people with brown eyes.

If an islander tells the captain the color of his or her own eyes, they may board the ship and leave. Now, there is one more person on the island: The tribe consists of 1000 people, with various eye colours.

There are no reflective surfaces on the island and no on can communicate with. Say, for instance, there are three people with blue eyes. 1,000 mathematicians live on an island.

It is the hardest riddle i have come across. Welcome to a godforsaken spit of land in the middle of the ocean, where 100 people have blue eyes and 100 have brown. Alice knows that bob knows that cathy has blue eyes, but alice doesn't know that bob knows that she (alice) has blue eyes.

600 have brown eyes, and 400 have blue eyes. They must use pure logic to determine the colour of their own eyes. The people on the island are not allowed to talk or communicate with each other in any way.

There is an island with exactly 201 residents, 100 with blue eyes, 100 with brown eyes, and the island leader (who has green eyes). Then they'll each wait 99 days, see that the rest of the group hasn't gone anywhere, and on the 100th night, they all leave. Therefore he would take the flight that evening.

There is an island upon which a tribe resides. No one knows the color of their eyes. So, each expects case 1) to happen.

I don't understand this riddle. Or 100 brown, 99 blue, and he could have red eyes. They also know that those two people can see each others eyes, so one of those two people will know that at least one other person has blue eyes, but the other might not.

But by day 3, alice now knows that not only does bob know that cathy has blue eyes, but also that alice has blue eyes. Each of them can see that the other one has blue eyes, and the oracle says she can see someone with blue eyes.

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