Harlequin, joker's daughter, catgirl, scarecrone, riddler's daughter, penguin's daughter, card queen, doomsday's daughter identity: His mental psychosis results from a deep inner need to prove that he's smarter and therefore better than others, which causes him to leave challenging clues behind in otherwise perfect crimes.

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Beyond gotham, the caped crusader joins forces with the super heroes of the dc comics universe and blasts off to outer space to stop the evil brainiac™ from destroying earth.

Dc comics riddler's daughter. Enigma later appeared alongside the riddler, who claimed that she truly was his 'daughter', while fighting batman. Riddler's daughter | dc microheroes wiki | fandom. Appearances • images • gallery • quotes.

See more ideas about enigma, riddler, batman. Or even duela dent who thought she was the joker’s daughter, but at one time also thought she may be the riddler’s daughter. This after she passed herself.

Split personality…perhaps, dc’s chameleon female…for sure! Riddler's daughter | riddlers daughter aka enigma by kidmarvelj comics toons dc comics marvel vs marvel heroes detective comic book girl fiction movies comics universe batman universe dc comics enigma | via tara carstairs As her appearances stretched along.

Her story culminated in what’s probably the highlight of the series — other than robin’s declaration of love (or at least very deep like) for batgirl in issue #13 — when she really put the family in batman family and posed as the riddler’s daughter, the penguin’s daughter and the scarecrow’s daughter. Dc comics and legends of the dark knight spoilers follows. Soon after she was killed by riddler as he reclaimed his villainous identity.

Duela dent is a fictional character in the dc universe. She is a former member of the suicide squad, the teen titans and its counterpart, titans east. Duela dent as the joker's daughter, the scarecrow's daughter, the riddler's daughter and the penguin's daughter

Countdown #51 (may, 2007) duela claimed she wanted to join the. Dick opens his eyes to see edward nigma, the riddler, standing over him, but he’s not alone, at his side is his daughter, enigma. Introduced under the alias of the joker's daughter, she has also used the aliases catgirl the catwoman's daughter, scarecrone the scarecrow's daughter, the riddler's daughter, the penguin's daughter, the card queen and the harlequin.

Initially, enigma joined the teen titans following the events of infinite crisis, serving under the name of the riddler's daughter and befriending duela dent. Teen titans #43 1st full & cover app enigma riddler's daughter [dc comics, 2007] In batman #706 , across gotham, engima and riddler are kicking dick, and they probably would have gotten away with it if it hadn’t been for enigma activating the signal on.

Batman family #6 (july, 1976) appearance of death: Given her many names and disguises, dc is trying to make something stick and because of that she isn’t going away anytime soon.

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