Tom riddle falls foward in time on his eleventh birthday, ending up in the year 1990. Young harry potter is endowed with the power to recall the dead and manipulate the strange currents of magic.

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This story is extremely underappreciated, and honestly, please just go and read it!]

Harry x tom riddle time travel fanfiction. Harry joins voldemort in his first year. He's back in riddle's time as a student (mostly) and is simply going to wreck havoc. A time travel, harry adopts tom riddle story.

Harry potter, t, english, family & angst, chapters: So she decided to… change the course of history to see how that single change would play out. Harry potter and tom riddle are nemesis, born adversaries, prophesied leaders of opposite fractions.

2/8/2015 , harry p., tom r. The spirits take a liking to him and he embarks on a quest to protect himself and to find the love that he. Mainly tom riddles or the marauders time.

Harriet discovers that the future is not set on stone. However, the words began to feel more angry, more scared for the path of the wizarding world. With a new identity, harry tries to live the life that he was cheated out of by fate, dumbledore and riddle.

Harry gets bullied kinda (tom kind of bullies everyone) but harry and tom have a special connection. The riddle and the warning star. Fate decides to play with harry’s life again, giving him a chance at a family but with the most shocking father for his child.

Lily and james alive, no bwl, no bashing (probably). Also, did anyone read 'twist of fate' in full? Gradually, tom marvolo riddle discovers all the sides to obsessive insanity when he meets his year mate harry potter.

511 a chance in time » by machiavellianparadox having won the war, a tired harry goes back in time to try to kill tom riddle as a child. Inadvertently, he drags an unsuspecting blaise along with him back to the past. Tom riddle harry potter fanfiction time travel.

After a series of catastrophic events, hermione decides to go to the past to stop tom riddle. I thought it was well written and interesting, but too damn. This is a ‘harry travels back in time to raise tom’ story.

Harry had adopted the format of writing the entries as letters to james, something that made him feel warm inside. His mate is the dreaded dark lord. In 2013, harry gets caught up in some powerful magic of questionable origins.

But, what if tom isn't the. He knew what he wanted from life and how he was going to achieve that. A really impromptu fic of harry going way, way back in time to give the magical world a second chance.

Harry potter time travel harry potter and lord voldemort father son dumbledore bashing the marauders era in which a teenage boy appears in tom riddle's home and the dark lord makes the realization that this boy is none other than his son. The broken boy wip mature. Fate heard the diary horcrux’s musing of how harry potter could have changed tom riddle had he been in the same time as tom.

Harry would have been thrilled if his saviour didn't claim to be a disillusioned madman come back in time to stop his other self from taking over the world. It has a lot of chapters (i think 20+). Harry potter and the warrior's code by bballgirl32.

And what happened to the united kingdom? She giggled “never said i was.”. It’s a harry potter x tom riddle fanfic.

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Tom spat, sick of her lies. Tom riddle x harry potter by liv. Resolution by slytherin's dragon reviews.

Master of death harry befriends first year tom. Harry goes through his creature inheritance and finds out he has been lied to by all his friends. Another diary!riddle raises harry story.

The chapter were decent length, maybe 1000+ words at least. Being unable to die hadn't set in for harry yet, and his attachment to the magical world was strong. Will be more detailed when he hits 5th year where actual relationship between harry and tom starts.

Tom was casually leaning against the wall, looking poised and elegant, and deadly as ever. When voldemort is defeated, the fragment of his soul still stuck in harry drags the boy who lived with it through time in search of another, complete version of itself. When the battle in the department of mysteries heads south harry finds herself flung backwards in time to 1942 where tom riddle is a prefect in his fifth year.

He grew up with tom riddle, his only and best friend. Where tom riddle aka lord voldemort ruled the united kingdom.

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Harry X Tom Riddle Time Travel Fanfiction

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