The summer at the grangers (the beginning). Entirely innocent of all things dark, he is quickly introduced to a world of magic, cruelty, and pain.

Tom Riddle & Hermione Granger (requested by darinariddle

Ela não era boba e o movimento sutil quase imperceptível dos lábios de ron foram muito claros.

Hermione granger and tom riddle fanfiction lemon. Hermione felt her hands start to sweat and a lump form in her throat. I really appreciate you checking this out! Tom riddle, alpha and minister of magic, takes on an omega in an attempt further his bloodline.

He's unusually taken with the small girl and expresses his interest in the only way he knows how. What hermione didn't count on, however, is a shared common room, a curse, and a crazy little thing called love. Wow this is an extremely long summary!

It was in everything he did, so far as she could tell, that particular flair and sense of style that had been his even since his own days as a student. De seu lugar no chão, hermione inclinou a cabeça para trás e viu os olhos culpados dos dois garotos pousarem nela antes de serem aparatados pelo pequeno elfo. I never imagined i could get that many.

Eles a deixaram para trás. Tom riddle was nothing if not suited to drama. Granger closed up the boot of the car, and harry hopped into the back seat next to hermione.

But hermione isn't like other women, she's hot headed and fails to follow tradition. Five times tom riddle forces hermione granger into a dance with him and the one time she actually agrees to it. Harry stood up, smiling brightly and waving around the hall as hermione shakily stood as well, forcing a smile and slightly waving around too as the tables cheered.

Harry potter and miss hermione granger, both in gryffindor house, dippet finished, clapping. When harry, ginny, draco, and hermione are sent back in time by some unknown person, they find them stuck in 1945, along with tom riddle in his seventh year.they must learn to navigate the different world while attempting to not change the future too much while also trying to find their way back home. Great stories between hermione and a slytherin bad boy. hermione's men include but are not limited to:

With the war looking bleak, the golden trio, ginny, draco, and lavender go back to tom riddle's 7th year to destroy lord voldemort once and for all. I have written this out for my own amusement and as a resource for those who write tom riddle school fic and tom riddle time travel fic, of which i have read a lot lately. Fairyring fanfiction hermione granger hpmor wiki fandom 4 dark harry potter fanfictions that will leave you horrified fanfic recs 12 best harry potter fanfiction stories to read in 2020 harry potter hobbylark s and hobbies.

Fate decides to play with harry’s life again, giving him a chance at a family but with the most shocking father for his child. Cassie had always felt she was normal, well at least as normal as any of her other classmates at hogwarts were. As they set off, harry couldn’t quite believe his luck.

Harry potter fanfiction hermione and snape lemon. Hermione granger's forbidden loves was a harry potter website for unconventional ships involving hermione granger.the website was active until 2009. Write your best fanfic ever in our free 10 day fanfiction writing jumpstart program!

Draco, severus, lucius, fenrir, blaise, tom riddle/ voldemort, etc. After a series of catastrophic events, hermione decides to go to the past to stop tom riddle. Rating 15+ chapters 3 reviews 9 views 22,106 chapter views 13,317 print chapter report abuse.

Hermione granger has an arranged marriage to draco malfoy in exchange for the malfoy's help in clearing up her family's debt. Tom marvolo riddle's hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry happy. She learns the hard way that war puts certain things into perspective.

Voldemort love story goblet of fire seamus finnigan dean thomas sirius black golden trio yule ball harry potter and the goblet of f golden trio era. Minister for magic tom riddle has a family and a position of immense political power, and he must adapt to the responsibility that comes with both. It also provided links to groups and websites with similar themes.

The riddle twins ch 1, harry potter. Alright harry would have been born a riddle! Harry potter & the help of hermione granger by crazygrl13.

Thank you so so much for 1,000+ views! After draco saw her feisty side at school,. Fanfics / fanfictions de harry potter de todos os gêneros.

The website provided links to fanfiction featuring uncommon hermione ships that were hosted on other sites. Leia as melhores histórias escritas pelos fãs de harry potter com hermione granger e tom riddle jr. Stories range from light hermione to dark hermione, in hogwarts relationship to out of hogwarts relationship, time travel, pureblood hermione, etc.

In the space of a few days, he’d gone from dreading the rest of the summer, to expecting to be expelled, to assuming he’d be spending the summer alone, albeit in a great place, and now he was. And that has made me ask the question, what do we know, canonically, about tom riddle’s school days? But, when the discovery that she is the daughter of sirius black brings her closer.

Somehow she catches the attention of the school prodigy and bully, tom riddle. Humor romance tom riddle fluffy harry potter. Harry potter is the son of tom riddle pamela mishaud wattpad.

Hermione looked like a female version of tom riddle. Cloud_hermione_chapter 22 for your contest. Jun 19, 2021 chapter 1:the twins are born.

Lily is extremely socially awkward and clumsy so hogwarts is a minefield of disaster to her.

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Hermione Granger And Tom Riddle Fanfiction Lemon

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