Ron looked at me, “he went to school here fifty years ago. After a series of events in flourish and blotts prevented lucius malfoy from giving the diary to ginny weasley, he entrusts his son to give the diary to her instead.

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He cursed the position of dada such that no teacher lasted more than a year.

Hermione granger tom riddle's diary. Any information you publish in a comment, profile, work, or content that you post or import onto ao3 including in summaries, notes and tags, will be. Hermione granger is a lonely school girl. Her eyes fluttered open as she took in her surroundings.

Hermione, harry, ron, the team and i were heading back to the castle when neville appeared. Part 4 tom riddles diary. This scene is the third scene set in moaning myrtle's bathroom.

Riddle,” i read the name. A book was talking to her? When she finds his diary and starts talking to him she thinks she's finally found some one she can trust, but can she really?

The diary the first time tom riddle s name was mentioned was in harry potter and the chamber of secrets when harry and ron found a diary with the name t. Can you imagine cursing a position? What’s his diary doing here now?” i said.

Not a person or a thing but a conc. On archive of our own (ao3), users can make profiles, create works and other content, post comments, give kudos, create collections and bookmarks, participate in challenges, import works, and more. I went to find ginny stuffing the diary into her trunk.

Hermione felt her cheeks heat up at her own traitorous thoughts. My name is tom riddle…may i ask how you came across my diary? The two have never directly interacted in canon.

My name is y/n l/n. He said someone had gone through harry's stuff. While they went to the boys dorm to check out harry's stuff.

I don't think i got much sleep that night. Part 1 of tom riddle's adventures. Hermione felt her cheeks tinge pink as she read his words.

1 defeat moaning mytle by using wingardium leviosa to throw debris back at her. She learns the hard way that war puts certain things into perspective. Hello y/n, i am tom marvelo riddle.

You will earn 29 points for purchasing this product. Surely he could feel her pulse pounding against his palm? Ginny i thought as i followed them (harry, hermione and ron) back to gryffindor tower.

Tom riddle was killed in an attack in hogsmeade by grindelwald's men in 1943. His thin lips curled into another smirk, as his hand stopped twirling around her hair, only to reach around an lightly cup the side of her neck. Tom riddle has been trapped in his diary waiting for something to happen to him.

Unhappy with the way his life turned out, death and life give him a second chance by sending him in the body of harry potter in a universe where he was never killed. Maybe ron and harry found a way to get us out, she thinks hopefully. Tom riddle's diary is the first moment of harry potter and the chamber of secrets, chapter 13, the very secret diary.

Oh tom, you're flattering me. Hermione gaped at the book like a fish; He got an award for special services to the school.” “are you sure?

You can return the item for any reason in new and unused. She tapped the diary three times and said. Watching the words that appeared seep away as hers had.

No one was there, it was just me, i wrote something and there was a reply. Until one time, i got my quill out and wrote in it. As the sun came over the horizon, you could see one hermione granger laying down in the hospital wing.

The story is set when harry got tom's diary in his second grade. She tries to remember how she got there when her memories start racing back into her mind. Hermione gasped at his cold touch, her heart hammering away embarrassingly.

She sighed dreamily, wishing with all her might that he was real. Hermionee may be brilliant but tom was in a different league altogether. Do not let anyone make you feel other wise.

You truly are an amazing man, and it is my hope that one day, we'll be able to meet. That’s the award i threw up slugs on and had to clean.” ron said. But when it actually happened, it was downright creepy.

Tom/hermione or voldemort/hermione is the het pairing of tom riddle and hermione granger from the harry potter fandom. Draco, overcome with curiosity, instead keeps the book to examine, and soon becomes heavily enchanted with the. On the night of new year's eve, tom used the magic of his diary to pull harry into his world and dance with him all night.

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