Somehow she catches the attention of the school prodigy and bully, tom riddle. Albus dumbledore isn't fooled by the act and helps him.

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It is also extremely ooc for tom and cannot work unless one changes his character to the point where it’s no longer rec.

Hermione tom riddle orphanage fanfiction. Thus follows one of the biggest scandals of all. Tom riddle, alpha and minister of magic, takes on an omega in an attempt further his bloodline. Childhood friends and slowburn fic at developing their relationship while still keeping everyone in character.

“i didn’t do anything to your ferret toy, if that’s what you’re wondering about.” For the readers of the tom riddle / hermione granger ship who feel like they get déjà vu every time they start a new fic. Armed with knowledge from the future she manipulates him to steal his horcruxes.

Harry is the girl who wanders in and out of time. This weird unorganized orphanage that's sorted by group names and defined colors is her life now. One of the rare fics that writes tom and hermione as s.

Does anyone know the fanfic where hermione travels back to the past to kill tom riddle as a baby and on the first night at the orphanage she chokes tom but then feels bad because he was innocent. Humor romance tom riddle fluffy harry potter. Young tom riddle is not actually a psychopath, but due to being abused at the orphanage, will speak with no emotion or say creepy things in an effort to hide vulnerability or scare people away so they don't hurt him.

Hermione and tom are born in the same generation, in 1926. So riddle will do anything it takes to gain his enemy's affection. She must be important, though, if he is going through so much trouble to hide her ;

Hermione granger tom riddle harry potter sirius black draco malfoy ginny weasley. Lily is extremely socially awkward and clumsy so hogwarts is a minefield of disaster to her. Riddle reveals his most intimate thoughts and hermione takes advantage of it.

I find hermione granger quite repulsive and tom riddle is my favourite character, so i find this ship abhorrent. { tom riddle + hermione granger } “granger, take a picture, it will last longer.” tom glanced at her, while flipping through his book. 1 04.12.2011 5.213 was hat her;

After a series of catastrophic events, hermione decides. But he had lost her due to his love for the da. All of this was before he was feared by many, before he was known as voldermort.

He ends up in 1927 and is found on the doorstep of wool's orphanage. In 1935, hermione granger meets a boy in an orphanage who despises fairy stories, liars, and mediocrity. He had done the one thing everyone thought he wasn't capable of.

Tom riddle is cursed to die within a few years, but with the help of hermione's love, she could break the curse. He offers her a deal of mutual convenience, and soon a tentative friendship forms between them—if tom would ever lower himself to call anyone a “friend”. Tom riddle gets sent 54 years into the future before the beginning of his rise to power corrupting the destiny of a boy named harry potter.

But when his new found emotions draw him into a passionate relationship with hermione, their lives and the future are threatened by an evil vampire out to destroy them both. 255 father of lies » by hermione prime tom riddle leads a double life, famous politician by day and lord voldemort by night. Tomione tom riddle hermione granger fanfiction 381 notes dec 27th, 2018

But when his new found emotions draw him into a passionate relationship with hermione, their lives and the future are threatened by an evil vampire out to destroy them both. Raised in institutional squalor with tom riddle, he has a very different attitude toward magic, hogwarts, and friendships. When disfavor turns to curiosity friendships, privacy and her sanity are strained as her past catches up to her.

On new years’ eve 1926, merope gaunt staggered up the steps of a muggle orphanage in london, gave birth to her only son, and soon died. Raindrops [tom riddle] fanfiction hello, tom riddle, hermione cooed, gently stroking the infant's soft cheek with the pad of her thumb. He's unusually taken with the small girl and expresses his interest in the only way he knows how.

Tom riddle discovers that dumbledore is hiding a girl in hogwarts. When hermione arrives at tom riddle’s orphanage, tom starts to feel emotions besides fear and hate, emotions like compassion, desire and even friendship. Hermione arrives in 1950 to disband the knights of walpurgis and kill tom riddle.

E granger lord voldemort / tom vorlost riddle minerva mcgonagall severus snape. Entirely innocent of all things dark, he is quickly introduced to a world of magic, cruelty, and pain. 884 unlikely brothers » harry ends up back in time on the steps of wool's orphanage.

When hermione arrives at tom riddle's orphanage, tom starts to feel emotions besides fear and hate, emotions like compassion, desire and even friendship. “you know why.” she mumbled quietly, looking at him with an intense gaze. When secrets are revealed will the group stay strong or slowly crumble.

It doesn't help that harry can see into tom's mind and he's often haunted by strange dreams. Growing up in an orphanage is never easy, especially when the resident bully, tom riddle, hates him for no apparent reason. * birds of a feather.

She ends up working at wools orphanage for a little bit and then adopting tom later on. Riddle spent the first eleven and a half years of his life in this orphanage, described as. Tom riddle had only ever loved on person in his life time, he had only ever cared for one person.

Five times tom riddle forces hermione granger into a dance with him and the one time she actually agrees to it. However there was just one small problem, hermione wants him dead.

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