His mate is the dreaded dark lord. Browse through and read harry potter time travel fanfiction stories and books.


To escape and change the present she will do anything, even go back to meet a lonely cold tom riddle and unknowingly teach him to love, teaching herself in turn.

Hermione x tom riddle time travel fanfiction. Before hermione could answer, professor mcgonagall returned with two seventeen year old students, a boy and a girl, following behind her. It has a lot of chapters (i think 20+). I thought it was well written and interesting, but too damn.

Lily and james alive, no bwl, no bashing (probably). Master of death harry befriends first year tom. Harry dies and gets sent back to the past to change the future he was in.

Also, did anyone read 'twist of fate' in full? Also contain au where sirius survived the war & develop. Tom riddle harry potter fanfiction time travel.

A time travel, harry adopts tom riddle story. Will be more detailed when he hits 5th year where actual relationship between harry and tom starts. Gradually, tom marvolo riddle discovers all the sides to obsessive insanity when he meets his year mate harry potter.

However there was just one small problem, hermione wants him dead. Honestly a beautiful dark abyss. When an invitation to hogwarts turns the two girls’ lives upside down, melissa finally has the opportunity to step into the limelight.

She had red hair, with a hint of blonde, and pale, freckly skin. Hermione_lovegood (2 found) page 1 of 1. When voldemort is defeated, the fragment of his soul still stuck in harry drags the boy who lived with it through time in search of another, complete version of itself.

Browse through and read hermione granger time travel fanfiction stories and books. She has to go back to the fall of 1979.part 1 of 2. In which a teenage boy appears in tom riddle's home and the dark lord makes the realization that this boy is.

But, what if tom isn't the. Harry goes through his creature inheritance and finds out he has been lied to by all his friends. Tom riddle, alpha and minister of magic, takes on an omega in an attempt further his bloodline.

Sent to his prestigious school on full scholarship because voldemart outsourced her parents' jobs to china. Tom riddle x harry potter by liv. Draco ends up with neville.

He is nothing like voldemort in the future. May sound cheesy, but a different approach. Drama, time travel, war, dark or evil > dark fic/character, time travel > to the past

In 1998, as horcruxes continue to go unearthed and the war wages without hope of winning, hermione granger is given a mission. After a series of catastrophic events, hermione decides to go to the past to stop tom riddle. The chapter were decent length, maybe 1000+ words at least.

Harry gets bullied kinda (tom kind of bullies everyone) but harry and tom have a special connection. Don't like slash, then please refrain from reading. {tomione fanfic suggestions} {1/5} fostering a nightmare by ninjafairy.

She also had ron’s blue eyes. When henrietta potter time travels, she accidentally finds herself in her parents' time. The story begins right after the end of

Harry joins voldemort in his first year. Riddle of the room of requirement the second malfoy the secret war the slytherin weasley the story behind sirius black the time travel adventure: Minor to major dumbledore and weasley bashing.

Entirely innocent of all things dark, he is quickly introduced to a world of magic, cruelty, and pain. He knew what he wanted from life and how he was going to achieve that. An existential crisis leads to a decision, but that decision has unexpected consequences, and now tom riddle is unknowingly caught between two time travellers, each with their own view of how his life should be lived.

The girl, julia weasly, was exactly what you’d expect a weasly to look like. It will be a waste of your time. Minister for magic tom riddle has a family and a position of immense political power, and he must adapt to the responsibility that comes with both.

So riddle will do anything it takes to gain his enemy's affection. Secret, brilliant heir to the biggest company in the world, voldemart. Another diary!riddle raises harry story.

During her life in hogwarts, she meets a boy named tom riddle. Browse through and read hermione granger time travel fanfiction stories and books. Tom riddle is cursed to die within a few years, but with the help of hermione's love, she could break the curse.

When the battle in the department of mysteries heads south harry finds herself flung backwards in time to 1942 where tom riddle is a prefect in his fifth year. Dumbledore, ron, hermione, and ginny bashing! This is my first fanfiction…

It’s a harry potter x tom riddle fanfic. 105 i would do anything » by siriushermionelover hermione meets volemont for the first time and is confused by whats happens. Mainly tom riddles or the marauders time.

This story is extremely underappreciated, and honestly, please just go and read it!]

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