Riddler is more intelligent, more disciplined and actually willing to beat batman. He's usually only serving as his enemy either to prove himself smarter than the world's greatest detective, or because the dark knight has caught him trying to prove it to.

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He is voiced by jim rash.

Is joker smarter than riddler. Being raised by abusive and neglectful parents, he strived to be the most intelligent man alive. The joker defeated ra’s al ghul in a game of chess and improved on one of his mass murder schemes. Riddler doesn't even come close.

I doubt that joker is “smarter” than the riddler, with both being geniuses regarding profiling people and working with mechanical or chemical devices. Edward nigma is a man who has spent a vast amount of his life studying, exploring and memorizing all the knowledge he possibly could. Batman’s is 192, while albert einstein’s is thought to be between 160 and 180.

Who is smarter joker or riddler? Morrow, and has asked for protection from the joker’s hired assassin.none other than slade wilson, alias deathstroke. Riddler comes off like a coward behaving like a child big deal he makes convoluted plans with.

Maybe the riddlers intellectually smarter but that doesnt make him the better criminal necessarily. I feel as though that joker is much smarter then the average person. He masterminded the war of jokes and riddles, all in an attempt to get the joker to laugh.

The difference being that joker doesn't see losing to the batman as a bad thing. Joker is smarter but he is also crazier and more random, which is both an advantage and disadvantage. It tells the origin of the riddler, who began as a young man who fancied himself smarter than everyone else, so he tried to prove it the best way he knew how:

See more ideas about riddler, joker, batman. Joker just doesn’t brag about his intelligence as often, because he doesn’t feel the need to. He is also willing to study his opponents, predict their behaviors, duplicate their patterns etc.

Joker is also incredibly smart, he's just so unbalanced that you don't often see it. Jokers not a stupid thug with a gun. Joker confronts directly and actually puts a physical face to the horrors he commits.

The riddler is smarter than the joker, but so is batman. We see this in under the redhood. So, batman has a higher iq than albert einstein, but lex luthor has a higher iq than batman.

Riddler is very smart but i don't see joker falling for his tricks. However, the riddler is not as smart as he thinks he is and always underestimates his opponents because of his own narcissism. To further compare the riddler to the joker, you can see both villains rely on the hero as their audience.

Joker is definitely the more dangerous of the two. The riddler has left jigsaw style traps in the arkham games and proved in some comics that his. However, the joker is a performer, which means he only needs batman to.

Lex luthor’s iq is estimated to be 225, which is very impressive. Riddler appear dc universe's adult animation series harley quinn. His parents (primarily his father) refused to believe he could ever become smarter than them, often accusing him of cheating whenever he succeeded in school.

Is alex trebek actually smart? The joker is smarter than the riddler. He always does something during his schemes that has far reaching consequences, and each time he gnaws at batman's psyche a little bit more.

The riddler is good, but he's got psychological weaknesses, and the joker is the expert at taking advantage of those. The joker is smarter than the riddler. He helps poison ivy prove to harley quinn that joker doesn't love her, and does so by stating a fake trap by capturing harley and batman.

Joker has shown that he was incredibly smart before even becoming the joker. What’s always made joker such a compelling foe is he’s not only smarter than the world’s greatest and way richer and way stronger detective but that he is a crackling manifestation of purpose. He and batman are intellectual equals, hence why they butt heads so often.

Riddler is different from batman in that he is neither very motivated nor that vengeful. The joker defeated ra’s al ghul in a game of chess and improved on one of his mass murder schemes. Joker, though, may well be.

Joker is smart and deadly.

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