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Lego batman 2 riddler goon. Levels in which riddler goon has appeared as a boss, enemy, or playable. [[category:]] riddler goon is a character that appeared in lego batman: You got shrunk tiny mouthwash!

Chamelionk 8 years ago #1. Write the first paragraph of your page here. This minifigure has only appeared in video game(s)although this article is about an official minifigure, it never existed in physical form or appeared in any official lego sets.

The video game and lego batman 2: Missing two things for 100% completion. 1 background 2 description 3.

1 lego batman 2 nintendo ds version 3 lego batman 2 4 lego dc super villains 5 other versions in the console version, they're mostly the first enemy the player encounters in the riddler missions they wear dark green shirts, grey pants with black beanies they carry guns as their weapon and they have another version called. Toho's godzilla will live forever. Riddler goons are the riddler's henchmen in lego batman games.

Armor plating (demolition suit) n8jzek. Unofficial walkthrough for lego batman 2: Template:tab/riddler goon 1 subpages 2 role in the story 3 in the games 4 in the source material 5 toys 6 quotes 7 gallery 8 references 9 trivia 10 external links to be added main article:

While flying forward (and not in a level), quickly press a(2), then hold a to blast forward and fly at a super speed. Though i ran into some riddler goons near gotham park as well. They are the riddler's henchmen.

Area effect (sonic suit) tl3ekt. Heroes from the dc universe join up with the caped crusader to root out evil in lego batman 2: The riddler's revenge (all levels, enemy (hero missions), ally (villain missions)) the following is organized as a chart of.

Dc super heroes by paul bernardo if you’re familiar with the lego franchise of games, then you know that secret codes are useful when you don’t want to wait for a perk. Dc super heroes as we cover mission 1 to 15 and all the information you need to complete the game. Heroes from the dc universe join up with the caped crusader to root out evil in lego batman 2:

I even tried looking up the web guides for them and. The riddler goons are characters created by tt games to act as average enemies in lego batman: Arkham asylum reference when you fight the prototype lexbot near the end of level 9, the robot runs into the walls and can be hurt just like bane and the titan thugs in.

Riddler goon usually shows up near the power station on central island. Riddler goon/story to be added to be added to be added to be added to be added to be added


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