Talk to the guard in the hatch using the riddler to access the lever behind the red doors. Use riddler's mind control on.


Since riddler's no longer a main story villain, he's going down much easier this time.

Lego batman riddler's revenge (villain walkthrough). Walk up it and grab the lego canister to the left then cross the tightrope to the right. There she goes again 5g. Hero episode 2 power crazed penguin.

The riddler makes a withdrawal; Keep going to the right and have robin climb up the wall and assemble the grapple. Climb the magnetic ramp up the rooftop to the left of the statue to find a lego canister.

From the creators of lego. Do this three times and he'll be irritated enough to come out. Hero episode 3 the joker's return.

Once you reach him, get batman in his sensor suit and press x to drop anvils on his head. Destroy the tanks and build the rest of the elevator. Assemble the stairs and climb up, then have both characters stand on the yellow valves to remove the ice jets blocking your path.

Walk up the complete ramp and drop down to grab the lego canister. Jump on the red platform in the center. There are 10 minkits to be found (which will unlock a lego gold house for the villain trophy room) and a hostage to be saved.

Collect coins in a level to completely fill the true hero or true villain bar to get the corresponding rank for that level. When you are first on the streets there is a hostage behind a sonic sound breakable window. So much for a low profile entrance—with the guards all rushing to meet you and laser fields up, it's up.

The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, faq, unlockables, achievements, and secrets for lego batman for xbox 360. Park two vehicles in the underground garage to. You can bank on batman;

Hop down on the other side and then build a pump to suck up all the toxic waste. The riddler makes a withdrawal; The riddler makes a withdrawal;

To reach the mission, go to right of the batcomputer. Hero episode 3 the joker's return. Smash the dumpsters to the left and then build a magnetic wall for you to climb.

As it lowers a plant will gro and a light will come on. Xbox 360, ps3, ps2, wii, ds, psp, pc and mac. Mind the ice cream, as it's very slippery.

Hero episode 1 the riddler's revenge. Above the garage use robin's technology suit to gain access to the red vehicles behind the blue doors. Pull the lever to lower the ladder for batman.

You can bank on batman 5b. You can bank on batman; Jump from the smaller plant to the larger one and then up to a platform.

Move inside and be transported up. You can bank on batman hostage: Get a true villain rank on all levels in the villain storyline.

Hero episode 1 the riddler's revenge. Is a villain with a split personality. Simply shoot any of riddler’s goon cars coming after you to get them.

Little fun at the big top When you pop out from the other side of the hatch, notice the big, red hot pipe. Afterwards, channel sound waves into the glass door and head in.

At street level a hostage is being held inside one of the buildings, smash the window and save him. Hero episode 2 power crazed penguin. Before the laser field area, shoot the vent cover to pry it open, then double jump into it to collect the lego canister.

The riddler's revenge chapter 1: Getting true hero and true villain ranks. Pull the lever to open the first gate.

Riddler will start by running away and hiding behind a big green wall. The riddler makes a withdrawal hostage:

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