Never shy about calling out main roster stars, it appears matt riddle has earned some heat with the nxt locker room after calling them garbage. Matt riddle and goldberg have a lot of heat in real life.

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But that doesn't mean there is any heat on him from those in command.

Matt riddle goldberg heat. Matt riddle has been taking shots at both goldberg and brock lesnar on twitter over the past few weeks, but it appears that his recent tweets aimed at. Matt riddle has been calling out golberg and brock lesnar on social media for a very long. Matt riddle's heat with brock lesnar and goldberg.

According to bryan alvarez on wrestling observer radio, the heat between goldberg and matt riddle stems from riddle not liking goldberg’s technique when using mixed martial arts style offense in professional wrestling matches. Also, riddle’s wife apparently called female superstars, including becky lynch, ‘skinny jiggly fat.’. From fans to wwe hall of famers, nxt tag champ matt riddle certainly rubs some people the wrong way.

Matt riddle is involved in a twitter “feud” with chris jericho and a few other former wrestlers who have taken little shots at him, who riddle calls “these wcw guys.” chris jericho. According to bryan alvarez on wrestling observer radio, there may be actual heat between matt riddle and goldberg following the main event of super showdown on friday. After last year’s survivor series, riddle took me and our crew out to eat at the same steakhouse seth, becky, and karl anderson were dining at.

There is apparently major heat between seth rollins and matt riddle. Nxt's matt riddle has made it no secret that he's not a fan of wwe hall of famer bill goldberg, so much so that the two wound up having an awkward backstage encounter at last year's summerslam. “details are scarce at this time, but sources tell us lesnar and riddle passed each other while walking backstage and a tense.

Bryan alvarez discussed matt riddle burying goldberg so badly during wrestling observer radio.this is a rather interesting situation because if it’s a work then we. In his most recent interview with bt sport, matt riddle did not feel like giving up da man and therefore thought it best to continue to tease him, releasing the following statements, which as always it is not known if they are in the real part or in that of the kayfabe of the character of riddle: Matt riddle was very quick to jump online and bury goldberg after wwe super face, he was throwing out the big insults even.

Jericho posted a tweet telling riddle to “listen and learn kid” in response to riddle taking various shots at goldberg for the past few months. The match has been criticized for various botches and unsafe spots from both men. • backstage heat on matt riddle after royal rumble 2020.

Nxt superstar matt riddle seemed to reference rumors that wwe is unhappy with his penchant for calling out bill goldberg on social media. Matt riddle says he and vince mcmahon have discussed his backstage heat. And, the situation got so heated, that becky lynch was called fat.

“i was listening to matt riddle talk. Goldberg is not riddle's bro and lesnar reportedly told him that he'll never work with him, but that hasn't stopped riddle for weighing in on both brock and goldberg on social media. on jun 16, 2019 bryan alvarez revealed on figure four weekly why matt riddle doesn’t like goldberg and has been making it known on twitter.

Matt riddle has caused a bit of trouble on twitter with his criticisms of goldberg and calling out of brock lesnar. I think the only way to have goldberg. The reason why matt riddle has heat with bill goldberg posted by:

Matt riddle is at it again, trashing former wwe universal champion bill a new interview with sportskeeda, riddle, who has had heat with goldberg in. After goldberg and the undertaker’s rather woeful match at wwe super showdown, nxt star matt riddle took to twitter to dubb the wcw icon as the “worst wrestler” in the entire industry. Unfortunately, goldberg might not want to do that.

Matt riddle recently started to make a name in the wwe. I love pro wrestling so much and that’s why i get mad at certain people. Riddle considers goldberg’s work sloppy in that area and called goldberg out as a way of defending mixed martial arts.

No longer content to call out just brock lesnar or bill goldberg, riddle has taken aim at the entire nxt locker room which apparently failed to give him a. After a series of scary botches during the bout, matt riddle would go on to say that goldberg was “unsafe and dangerous”. There is some major heat between seth rollins and matt riddle over remarks said by the former ufc fighter.

Riddle has been taking shots at goldberg all weekend, including during the match against undertaker. Matt riddle talked about the reports that he has backstage heat in wwe and gave his take on goldberg’s universal championship reign. Riddle’s “backstage heat” have been covered on everything from the dirt sheets to wwe network.

Bro has heat with some people, but not with any people that matter. Yes, it looks like matt riddle is at it again. Matt riddle is having some fun with the reports that he has heat within wwe, responding to a fox tweet about goldberg’s appearance on smackdown tonight.

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