Matt riddle Goldberg Twitter. Unfortunately, Goldberg might not want to do that. The former MMA superstar is quite outspoken and has never been shy about expressing his opinions. The rumor is riddle garnered some heat by calling out veteran wrestlers on Twitter.

Goldberg will wrestle Drew McIntyre for the WWE championship tonight at the royal rumble. Matt riddle has spent a vast chunk of his time in the WWE calling out Goldberg. Matt Riddle watches and reacts to Goldberg’s match at WWE

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Matt Riddle Goldberg Twitter


He recorded himself sarcastically complimenting Goldberg’s attempt at a kneebar as the two competed,. Matt riddle has received quite a bit of coverage of late for his supposed backstage heat with Vince McMahon. When the undertaker caused a firestorm with his comments about today’s WWE being too soft, pretty much the only wrestler to publicly agree with him was Bill Goldberg.

Goldberg would not want to battle matt’s riddle. Goldberg and Brock Lesnar are two guys riddle wouldn’t mind facing in the ring. After Goldberg and the undertaker’s rather woeful match at WWE super showdown, nxt star matt riddle took to Twitter to dubb the wcw icon as the “worst wrestler” in the entire industry.

Mar 28, 2020, March 28th, 2020. I love pro wrestling so much and that’s why i get mad at certain people. In an interview with WWE after the bell earlier this week, Goldberg said that.

Matt’s riddle isn’t Goldberg’s bro, even after their Summerslam chat. Matt riddle’s heat with Brock Lesnar and Goldberg. Matt riddle has had his issues with Goldberg in the past.

The Goldberg/matt riddle confrontation was as great as advertised. Matt riddle recently took to Twitter to call out the. Following Goldberg’s infamous clash with the undertaker in Saudi Arabia last year, riddle took to Twitter to poke some fun at the former world heavyweight champion’s wrestling ability.

In interviews, on social media, if someone asks him in the street, the riddle has not been shy in telling the world just what he thinks of a big bill. Nxt superstar, matt riddle, has potentially escalated the issues between himself and Hall of Famer, Bill Goldberg. It seems like WWE nxt superstar matt’s riddle isn’t done with Goldberg. the king of bros recently posted a tweet in response to Goldberg’s claims.

For years, the riddle has publicly criticized the WWE hall of famer and jokingly talked about how he wants a match with him. Matt riddle has been calling out Golberg and brock Lesnar on social media for a very long. Matt riddle spent a super showdown trashing Goldberg on Twitter and hasn’t done much to let off the gas since then.

Well, that match has come and gone, it was very bad, and the riddle is letting Goldberg hear it: WWE superstar matt riddle has revealed that he and Goldberg didn’t see eye to eye. You’ll likely remember how nxt’s matt riddle was one of the loudest critics of the Goldberg/undertaker match at WWE’s June super showdown event in Saudi Arabia.

You’re absolutely the worst wrestler in the business, bro. Just a couple days ago, matt riddle let it be known he had gotten to goldberg when he showed the fact that the former wcw champion had him blocked on Twitter. He feels how it feels, he’s going to be open and honest about it, and that’s just the way it’s going to be.

Matt riddle shoots on Goldberg again. The outspoken riddle has long expressed his issues with the former wwe universal champion goldberg, all the way back to riddle’s fightful brocast days. Last June, riddle told talk sport that he thought Goldberg was.

His issues with Goldberg started after the infamous showdown with the undertaker in Saudi Arabia. Matt riddle still wants Goldberg. Things came to a head when riddle had based Goldberg in recent months, and the two met backstage at Summerslam.

He has repeatedly called him out, insulted his style of wrestling, and has gone so far as to copying his signature moves in nxt. The backstage confrontation between bill Goldberg and matt riddle is even funnier than you’d imagined Brandon stroud Facebook Twitter pro wrestling editor October 6, 2019 However, the legendary wrestler doesn’t appear interested in working with the WWE star.

It seems like in most interviews that matt’s riddle does these days there is a question about Goldberg. Matt riddle calls out Goldberg for having thin skin. Matt riddle takes aim at Goldberg on Twitter.

Two veterans, in particular, have been the focus of his tweets. Nxt’s matt riddle, who has called out Goldberg numerous times for his wrestling ability in the past that led to him getting blocked by the wcw icon on Twitter, posted a video shortly after the. When asked by talksport if WWE has a problem with that, he had this to say:

It got so bad at one point during the WWE. And that’s not an opinion, that’s a fact. riddle made headlines earlier this week when he revealed that Goldberg had blocked him on Twitter. Riddle took to Twitter to make fun of Goldberg’s matchup against the undertaker from last night’s super showdown event, which took place in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

After a series of scary botches during the bout, matt riddle would go on to say that Goldberg was “unsafe and dangerous”. The match in Saudi Arabia was full of potentially deadly botches. By Neil gray December 9, 2020, 10:17 am.

He said he couldn’t wait to watch Goldberg wrestle undertaker at super showdown. Matt riddle responds to Goldberg saying wrestlers have thin skin today. A match between Goldberg and matt riddle might not be totally possible in 2019, but probably wouldn’t even be an option at all if this is a sign of anything.

The tweet/video has since been deleted from Twitter but the riddle stated, Goldberg. He’s also now wrestling as a singles talent for the foreseeable future. You lived up to the hype yet again.

Matt’s riddle recently started to.

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Matt Riddle watches and reacts to Goldberg’s match at WWE

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