Becky lynch seemingly called ‘skinny jiggly fat’. Seemingly out of the blue, riddle’s wife riddle’s wife lisa posted a photo of becky lynch’s backside, calling her.

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Becky lynch remains one of the most popular female wwe superstars in recent memory.

Matt riddle wife becky lynch. Wwe’s matt riddle denies sexual assault allegations and admits affair with accuser alistair mcgeorge wednesday 8 jul 2020 7:29 pm share this article via facebook share this article via twitter. It was a comment out of the blue and, clearly, not well received. So matt riddle’s wife is currently throwing shade and saying she has a better ass than mandy rose and becky lynch.

This may have started when matt riddle’s wife made comments towards becky lynch via an instagram post, which you can see below. The heat between seth rollins and matt riddle apparently stems from this. The problem between the two seems to have been fixed, based on the conversations they had with each other.

Seth rollins's fiance becky lynch has been away from wwe recently as the two are expecting their first child together. She said that it was common knowledge to everyone except matt’s wife, lisa riddle. Matt riddle apologizes to seth rollins for his wife…

Tavel’s attorney, john chwarzynski, says the incident from may 2017 is just one of a “multitude of sexual assaults committed by matt riddle against my client, candi cartwright.” While on talking smack, seth rollins said he had no interest in facing matt riddle at any point. there's speculation that this may have stemmed from comments made by riddle's wife on instagram (that were since deleted) where she compared female wrestlers (including becky lynch) to. It propelled her career to the absolute top, which culminated in her winning both the raw and smackdown women’s championships at wrestlemania 35, defeating both charlotte flair and ronda rousey in the main event of the show.

Randy orton pokes fun at matt riddle for having moves with stupid names wwe wrestlemania backlash results: While we've never heard anything from riddle's side about the issue, the bad blood apparently started when his wife lisa directed an insulting instagram post at becky lynch. It started with an instagram post from riddle’s wife directed at becky lynch and her body.

Although people snubbed it off as rollins’ gimmick, there was apparently more to the story. Becky lynch is ‘sister’ to. ‘the bro’ is currently doing great at nxt, being featured almost every week at usa network,.

Seth rollins and matt riddle have long been rumoured to be on different pages. Riddle’s wife, lisa riddle, once called out becky lynch and other female wwe superstars for being ‘ straight skinny jiggly fat.’. She used a photo of becky lynch from behind to.

Rollins made an appearance on the friday. “calling out multiple main roster divas over the past couple of weeks for being straight skinny jiggly fat (not saying they aren’t beautiful, just saying squat). Basically, she hinted that female wwe superstars need to be working out more and used the term ‘skinny jiggly fat.’.

The true reason for their feud happens to be their wives. Another wrestler corroborates claims against matt riddle. It has been allegedly revealed that there is real heat between seth rollins and matt riddle, and it may have stemmed from lisa riddle's comments about becky lynch.

Another possible theory of the rollins and riddle heat revolves around becky lynch. Riddle’s wife lisa called becky ‘skinny, jiggly fat’ and said she needs to squat in relation to pretty much nothing. There have been rumors about past backstage heat between seth rollins and matt riddle since november 2019.

Then, in a now deleted instagram post published during the same time as the fan’s account, lisa riddle (matt’s wife), had some disparaging words. Candy cartwright accused wwe star matt riddle of assaulting her in may 2018. The man’s meteoric rise to superstardom back in 2018 is well documented.

Matt riddle’s wife lisa wrote an instagram post where she called out female wwe superstars for looking “straight skinny jiggly fat.”. It’s not clear how all of this started but it may be from a post made by riddle’s wife lisa back in november. Over the past year, many have speculated heat between wwe superstars matt riddle and seth rollins.

There was a time when matt riddle’s wife had passed certain comments on social media about becky lynch. It’s not clear how all of this started but it may be from a post made by riddle’s wife lisa back in november. Matt riddle has made a habit of having heat with the top wwe superstars.

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