This means he walks south for a mile, but when he heads east for a mile he's just walking round in part of a circle, and stays one mile from the north pole. Following musk's directions and using the north pole as the start location, you'd make a triangle and end up right where you began.

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He starts at at the north pole.

North pole riddle explained. As he lives at the north pole, his dawn (and everything else) would be to the south. The crimson saint is probably st nick, or santa claus, in his red coat. Since they're 3 squares apart vertically and 4 horizontally, by pythagorus' theorem the direct distance is 5 squares.

He walks a mile south, and at that point he is 0.159 miles from the south pole. The pole shift or earth axis tilt analysis this is where things start to get interesting. Magnetic declination or magnetic variation refers to the disparity in the angle between true north vs magnetic north.

The first correct answer is the north pole. You're standing on the surface of the earth, so if you walk three miles a different way and come back where you started, it is the north pole. You run 1 mile south, 1 mile west, and 1 mile north, to return to your camp which has been destroyed.

You're standing on the surface of the earth, so if you walk three miles a different way and come back where you started, it is the north pole. a third speculated: The classic riddle goes as follows: The first answer, which most engineers answer correctly, is the north pole.

This just happens to be the radius of a circle with a circumference of one mile, so when he walks a mile east, he walks round in a complete circle and gets back to the same spot. If you're scratching your head at this brain teaser, you're not alone. Reindeer originally come from the arctic and subarctic, also known as the north pole.

You just have to think properly in case of solving the riddles like this and then you surely will be able to solve it and answer to this is north because if you are standing exactly at antarctica's south pole facing north then if you take one step backward you will be on north and here this is not our concern which side you are facing but our concern is you are taking one step back which is n north. The astrophysicist, of course, gave us the correct answer: Thanks to the curvature of the earth, the directions given above would make a triangle, putting you back where you started.

A hunter walks a mile due south, turns and walks a mile due east, turns again and walks a mile due north, only to find herself back where she started. You go outside and see a bear outside your tent. Researchers have discovered that huge troughs curving outwards from the north pole of mars are the result of a.

Yes, the north pole is correct. Apparently engineers usually solved the problem and guessed the correct answer: The bear is white because the only place where u can run 1 mile south, one mile west and one mile north and return to the same location is the north pole.

In the 1990s something happened, and it began to pick up speed, moving from canada toward siberia in russia. Rest them on a plate to resemble the north pole in the snow! The magnetic pole has changed location but very slowly.

You're standing on the surface of the earth, so if you walk three miles a different way and come back where you started, it is the north pole, wrote one clever clogs. There are an infinite number of solutions. The north pole if you are standing directly on the north pole and you walk one mile south, then one mile west, then one mile north, you will arrive back at the north pole.

Starting there, if you walk one mile south, one mile west and one mile north, you'll make a triangular path and end up. The hunter starts 1.159 miles from the south pole! For those holding out hope that there is some mystery force on mars working wonders will be disappointed again.

Getty the dense network of blood vessels in reindeer. The north pole is 90° n and the south pole is 90° s. Magnetic north is the “north” given by the magnetized compass needle (and points in the direction of north in the earth’s magnetic field lines) and true north (or “geographic” north) , which is the direction of the geographic north pole.

Where else could you be? “the other answer is somewhere close to the south pole where, if you walk one mile south, the circumference of the earth becomes one mile, his biographer vance explained. What color is the bear? The magnetic north pole is always on the move, but the shift of its position is generally quite steady.

Another potential answer could be the south pole. May 27, 2010 by garrett hawley. Bp earthwatch produced a fascinating video the other day about the pole shift/earth axis tilt and what is happening inside our earth that is starting to manifest itself in the position of the north.

The unexpected change could be related to a strange. The second line refers to the distance from in to pi; First identified by explorer james clark ross in the 1830s, the earth’s north magnetic pole was centered over the nunavut territory in canada.

Therefore he only has to walk a mile north to get back! The line labelled 0° longitude is called the prime meridian or the greenwich meridian and runs through london.

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