After obtaining the phantom sword, head to the ocean king temple. Chart out the island by drawing it is a whale shaped island and the riddle is in the whale edit he mean the uncharted island whale island with that frog with mustache

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You can survey the island first to get a clue of what it looks like in order to solve the puzzle, but overall it is in the shape of a whale.

Phantom hourglass island riddle. Shine a beam parallel with a line between the temple and mercay tavern. Grapple over to the peg to the right and walk around the east perimeter of the island. The uncharted island is an island found in phantom hourglass.[1] it is located in the eastern side of the northwestern quadrant of the sea.

Think of the island as a real whale and the riddle as a paper telling you to go to certain body parts) If you head to the southwest part of the map, you will find an island that looks suspiciously like a nintendo ds. Phantom hourglass cheats list for nintendo ds version.

Each one provides a little insight to the tragedy that has befallen this once glorious kingdom. After this point, link can shoot the golden frogs found on throughout. Say there are four torches in a room, all on pedestals, one of them lit, and the.

Yes, there is a way to trade things with someone else in phantom hourglass. Jump on top of the peg that is right next to the entrance of the temple of ice. This riddle is very simple if you look at the context (shape of the island).

Hit it, and it will present us with a riddle involving the correct order of how to hit the other four gossip stones on the island in order to gain access to the cave. Phantom hourglass follows the adventures of link and tetra, the leader of a band of pirates, as they discover a ghost ship in dense fog. A number of journal entries lay strewn across several tables in the first cave you come to.

Hit the rocks in this order, tail, spray, fins, and eye. When you draw the map, you'll notice it's a whale shaped island. Phantom hourglass on nintendo ds platform.

The island is one of the smallest islands that can be visited in phantom hourglass, and unlike most other islands, is made up of a single piece of land. After cyclock goes down, you'll gain two minutes on your phantom hourglass timer, and you'll meet neri, the spirit of wisdom. The statue gives you a riddle to solve:

Well, a little look around the island brings you to several statues that don't seem to say anything until you inspect the center statue. Hit the center springy rock, and he'll tell you the riddle. It steers with rudder, then makes spray!

Look for all the stone guys and mark them on your map. This page contains the legend of zelda: In the center of the island are two raised pieces of land.

One of the journal points out an intriguing fact: While you can find the golden frogs while sailing about, you cannot do anything with them until you have first acquired the cyclone slate, which is acquired from golden chief cylos at the uncharted island. The one on the left is larger, and is home to zauz's house and a.

The island does not have a map, forcing link to map out the island himself. A cliffside not so far from here has a hidden weak spot. Now we have 92 cheats in our list, which includes 3 cheats codes, 10 unlockables, 13 easter eggs, 3 glitches, 63 secrets.

Should come to a cracked wall. Though there are points where you’ll have to light torches, at least they’re all uniquely fascinating. This first riddle comes from the fourteenth game of the series:

Though phantom hourglass has its moments where killing spiders makes keys fall from the ceiling, at least they’re understated, and at least these moments happen strictly while you’re in frantic transit from one place to another; We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing the legend of zelda: And third, it paddles, then sees a way!

There is 'spray' and a tail, and a flipper at the bottom of the whale. Yeah, just walk along the edge of the island and draw the edges on the map and then you will realize that is in the shape of a whale and then the order is tail, spray, flipper, and then eye. I'm having trouble figuring out this riddle:

First, go to mercay island. The four parts of the puzzle go like this: Island and enter the cave, then look around in the first room and.

Solve the riddle on the. Finished, you will see that the island is shaped like a whale. The answer to the riddle is a whale, the same shape as the island.

It steers with rudder, then makes spray, then third it paddles and sees the way. If you do it correctly, a bridge to the tunnel in the center should become visible. The layout of the entire island.

It steers with a rudder, then makes a spray! From here, grapple over to a series of pegs to the left, climbing up the side of the area. Coopman1010 13 years ago #1.

And third, it paddles, then sees a way! this would make more sense if you had a general idea of the shape of the island first. The uncharted island is a location from the legend of zelda: The name of the island will reflect this as well.

Once you reach the top area, walk down a screen. Hit the stone guy that is in front of a cave that you cannot get to yet and he will tell you that to get the treasure you must figure out this riddle: On your way to the temple of the ocean king, you.

The phantom hourglass golden frogs are located throughout the great sea.

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