You can choose cool, crazy and exciting non flash games unblocked games of different genres! Riddle school 2 is the sequel to riddle school 1, the funny predecessor that was also developed by jonbro.

Teacher appreciation week cookies Sugar cookies

Go east and go inside the janitor's closet.

Riddle school 2 how to get cookie. Go east until you see a hall guard and show him your hall pass. Watch the movie a while and go all the way left to the entrance. Get cookies give cookie to fatty, (or chubb) and go in the princpes class, take keys, go to the other end of.

You have to get a box of nine squares to spell out four different numbers, but. I started making this about five months ago, and picked up on the project and completed it in around a week. More games in this series.

After the animation, click on the office door. Click on the mop when u get in before u click on the talk bubble. Go out.go to the teacher's lounge and click at the back of the cookie machine ( at the shadow also can) then plug in the u can buy the cookie and giv it.

You will find chubb there and he will ask you for a. Go right go in mr sum's room. Click the whistle and everyone will get stunned by the noise.

Go into the teacher's lounge when they are not there then keepclicking on the back of the machine until it goes to a close up ofthe plug. I am sometimes made of sugar and sometimes of oatmeal chocolate chip ones taste so good you might find that you squeal! Phil (main character) is back to escape school again!

~ some people prefer them with raisins some like them to contain chocolate chips Turn back then and you should see light blue in mr. Welcome to riddle school 2, a point and click and puzzle video game that centers on escape elements.

Click the cookie machine to buy a cookie. To get a cookie, you must have 75 cents. If you are looking for free games for school and office, then our unblocked games wtf site will help you.

Now u can buy the cookie and giv it to the cookie boy. U will get enough money for the cookie now. Then, you have to figure out that the cookie machine has to be plugged in.

Go to teachers lounge, click the cookie bubble and then click mr. [clicking on the cookie machine after getting a cookie] [ edit | edit source ] In the hallway, go all the way to the right, and into the teacher’s lounge again to find it empty.* click on the wall behind the bottom of the cookie machine, and click on the cord head to plug it in.

( if u cant get in, folo the instructions below with an astric sign beside it.) After that you go into mrs.sleeps room, click the open desk and you will find slide oil and 30 cents. I'll need to come back later when i have the money.

In this video game, you will help a naughty student, who is not interested in his music class to get out of his own school. Click on the cookie in your inventory. Click north to go inside ms.

Riddle school 2 cheats, cheat codes, riddle school 2 walkthroughs and hints updated on by community. You have to go into the teacher's lounge, leave, and then go to the other end of the hallway, come back, and the teachers are gone. I originally planned for this to be a simple tribute to pico's school, but then it built up to something a lot more.

Go left and in the janitor's room. Go east and go inside the janitor's closet. He will fall over, granting you access to the office.

Keep going until they either work out that the answer is ‘cookie’ or until they run out of clues. Open the door and u are free. Riddle school 2 has a puzzle where you get the cookie machine to work.

Now go all the way right. Click on trash can to take feather duster then get out of the room. Click on trash can to take feather duster then get out of the room.

0.1.0 over 1 year ago. Now is your chance get outta there!!! Riddle school 5 has the two tile puzzles.

0.1.0 over 1 year ago. When you get out, keep going straight like ur heading to mrs. Go east and open locker beside the fountain and take hall pass.

Go in the office and go into the mr. Riddle transfer is a flash game made by jonbro (jonochrome). Riddle school 2 is developed by jonbro.

0.1.0 over 1 year ago. Leave the teacher's lounge and click the cookie to give it to chubb. Only a member of this blog may post a comment.

Leave the room, and it should be. Giv the person inside the toilet the toilet paper roll and get the mop inside the stall. Go east until you see a fat guy asking for a cookie.

Play now a popular and interesting html5 riddle school unblocked games without flash. Click on the cookie machine to buy a cookie. Teachers lounge and click the open space between the wall and cookie machine plug in click machine insert coins and u get 1 cookie.then go back into hallway and give the fat guy his cookie.then go.

Click on sharpener at teacher's table. Give him the feather duster and he will give you a dollar bill. Download (22 mb) find your way around school.

How do you get the cookie in riddle school 2?

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