This is my harley quinn 2019 x reader story it's going to be similar to the harley quinn 2019 animated series. Batman, k+, english, drama & angst, words:

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The riddler finally confesses his love for harley quinn.

Riddler and harley quinn fanfiction. This is my harley quinn 2019 x reader story it's going to be similar to the harley quinn 2019 animated series. They just happen to pick kimberly. By the time he returned harley had been patched up and was resting on his green couch covered with question marks, grinning as she snacked on his nutella stash.

Superman 1.12 epliouge 2 characters 3 endings the batman of one earth has been elected mayor of new. February 25, 2017 hufflepuff student. 41 misunderstandings cliches and feuding billionaires » by mondaygirl avengers/batman crossover.

When the joker breaks out of arkham, he finds himself at odds with a powerful newcomer known as the riddler. Tony hates that bruce wayne guy and bruce despises that imbecile tony stark. Harley tries to commit suicide after a serious fit with the joker.

Harley quinn is a show about’s the story of harley’s transformation from the joker’s gun moll into something of her own creation. Yet, these days he found that his own sanity was glued together by interactions with her. Gotham city, 1872, a vicious series of attacks is being carried out upon streetwalkers within the city.

Quinzel's descent into madness and her rebirth as the infamous harley quinn. Well, technically it was posted on the forum's domain. 1 plot 1.1 intro 1.2 chapter 1:

Arkham asylum harleen quinzel suicide squad belle reve. The riddler is seen about to crush batman's head with a large rock but hesitates as he tries to think of a riddle to say before committing the act, allowing the green arrow to knock him out with a boxing glove arrow, before being beaten down by robin. Catwoman and the riddler belong in the “not mass murderer” category.

In addition to her fanfiction pursuits, dee was also invested in the cancer community,. I will also add some things to the story as well. Riddler is freed by harley quinn alongside all the other inmates to attack the heroes.

Rid of the old ball and chain, he indulges in. Injustice domination is the fighting game. It’s harley’s new origin much as this.

#joker rp #joker roleplay #harley quinn #harley quinn roleplay #harley quinn rp. I wrote this at 3 am; Comic verse batman and movie verse avengers.

Green lantern 1.6 chapter 5: I will also add some things to the story as well. Williams as black manta, jai courtney as digger harkness / captain boomerang, danielle panabaker as caitlin snow / killer frost, andy serkis as king shark, viola.

I cant not write angst; # 2019 # batman # clay # damian # dr # face # frank # gordon # harley # ivy # jim # joker # king # kiteman # poison # psyco #. No smut, although there are moments of.

This character was known by the name 'query'. The premise was she had inhaled some pepper, then was suddenly forced to hide from batman behind a false wall panel and fight with her nose, which was determined to eject said pepper. Batman, just starting out upon his crusade to save his city and dispense justice, must contend with the string of murders.

Red eagle 1.11 chapter 10: Taking her home, poison ivy and harley quinn attempted to turn kimberly evil. Harley quinn kimberly evans kimberly x robin.

11, sep 27, 2008, harley quinn, the joker. The battle for gotham's soul has a new player. Cue snarky comments from tony that steve takes too seriously, bonding over the circus,tim being a creepy fan boy and damian.

Lex luthor 1.10 chapter 9: It is the ninth film in the dceu and stars will smith as floyd lawton / deadshot, margot robbie as harleen quinzel / harley quinn, michael k. But one day, two villains, poison ivy and harley quinn, drop by her orphanage, looking for a child.

Action twins criminal insane the joker harley quinn. Fine go ahead riddler. harley said joker showed up and he wanted to know if the riddle was funny or not. She is a shy quiet 12 year old.

Silvia quinzell, twin sister to harleen quinzell, started her insane ways when she was only 15, got locked up in an insane asylum when she was 16 and escaped when she was 17. There is no concrete evidence for their relationship, but i think there is a lot of circumstantial evidence that. He was unnerved at what was happening.

In search of a harley quinn swh fic that was once posted here. He was supposed to be in control, altering her confidence in herself. Harley held her leg as riddler drove to his lair, the blonde taken out of the car bridal style once the riddler had stopped, speeding off once she was taken inside.

Kimberly evans has been an orphan her whole life. Harley quinn 1.7 chapter 6: Bachelorhood by princessebee harley storms out and joker is left to his own devices.

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