It can be used in combat to stun enemies, but you’ll mostly rely on it while solving puzzles. There's a shutter by the water immediately south of the bridge.

Wire puzzle by Taiatari Electrical games, Puzzle, Game

Use the map, find the numbers and use the winch on the generator there, once you got it going, hurry back and fetch the trophy.

Riddler electric charge puzzle. Catwoman helps by standing on top of these cubes, not allowing them to move, while you use the electrical charge with batman. Memorize the sequence, then use your batarang or remote electric charge. Hit the generator above it with each mode of the remote electrical charge to open it, revealing a riddler puzzle inside.

Charge remote batarang with electricity and guide it left through the vent to hit the power supply. You will receive the chip that allows you to control the machine. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find remote electrical charge.

Let's face it, there are two dents on the wall. inside the room, scan the posters that says vote for dent on the table. Final exam once again, the trial happens in the orphanage. Super_shadow323 5 years ago #3.

Remote electrical charge is a gadget in batman: Use the remote batarang and fly it through an electrified light sign to deliver an electric charge shock to the riddler’s victims to save them from the bomb exploding. Move the generators with the winch, using remote electric charge on them to lead the ball through the maze.

This will light up the nearby switches in a certain sequence. Next, shoot an electrical charge into the generator on top. Use the voice synthesizer to send the robot to the trophy and back.

Get the trophy and leave. If it's the first time you meet the robot, then you must sneak up on him and take him down from the back. Find the closed passage at the water which can be unlocked by using the remote electrical charge on the generator above the gate.

As usual on the way down the riddler will mock you and insult your intelligence. First, use the batmobile's winch to pull the wheel inside the cage forward. Walk inside but don't rush to the trophy as there's a defense turret on the right.

To do this, catwoman and/ or batman will need to stand on the pressure plates to move pipes into the path of the oncoming charge so it can cross the gaps successfully. Stand on the riddler panel. Across the street from the clock tower is a riddler puzzle.

Remote electrical charge, batarang, remote controlled batarang. The riddler will be upset, but he is a man of his word (or so he says), so you can collect the final key and watch as relief washes over catwoman’s face. Final exam once again, the trial happens in the orphanage.

It's timed so you gotta show some speed. Stand next to trophy cage and look up to the left for a vent. The trophy can be found in a large cage with electric floor.

Nearly microscopic coordinates on a 32 inch hdtv. From there, the batarang can find the bomb rioter highlighted in red. Riddler final exam i still dont get how to solve the puzzle int that room, dont know which to step on, which to shoot the electric shot.pease advice.

Inside the final exam room, you'll have to move the riddler's cubes with the help of batman's remote electrical charge and catwoman. Now i see it, now you don't! solve the riddle to align the top piece of the question above the door entrance and a dot on the ceiling. Inside the final exam room, you'll have to move the riddler's cubes with the help of batman's remote electrical charge and catwoman.

If you're talking about the one with catwoman then you need the electric gun from the. Head towards the exit of the orphanage. Here you will have to solve the classic guide the electrical charge to it's destination by moving pipes puzzle, but with a twist.

You just need to get all his riddler trophies before he would fight you. Once the mechanical minions are disposed of, retrieve the key from the container with catwoman to move a step closer towards the end of this sidequest chain. Had to use ps4 zoom screen feature just to read them on the map.

A bolt fired from the rec can activate or deactivate a generator (or some other electrical device). Near where riddler explains each puzzle is a place where you can throw the batarang to pick up an electric charge. If you have obtained the chip earlier, you can skip this step.

You can't reach it on your own, instead you must guide the nearby riddler's robot inside. The objective here (as the riddler states) is to guide an electric charge through the maze of pipes to it's destination. Kai200x 5 years ago #2.

The goal of the puzzles here is to move the tiles using remote electrical charge in such a way as to allow the laser to fire into one of the holes in the puzzle floor.

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