About 10 feet before it is a robot. Then throw one right and all the way down to hit a second switch.

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You’ll have to go there on several occasions, and there are collectibles to be had inside.

Riddler trophy mirror. You can spot it eassier in detective mode. You’re going to have to do a lot of climbing and grappling this time. Riddler trophies are small green objects shaped like a question mark, and are often hiding in secluded areas, or behind destructible walls.

Each time you hit one, it shuts off and cycles to the next of four colors. Get into the next small room. I found a fast solution to getting this tricky trophy.

Use your batclaw to get the trophy down. Californian93 5 years ago #1. Step on the switch to light up a riddler switch outside, then send a remote controlled battery through the vent on the other side of the room and steer it into said switch to free the trophy.

I honestly do no know how to get this trophy. It’s where robin is working on finding a cure for those poisoned with joker’s blood. Now you can turn towards the fan, which is turned off, and catch the collectible by using the claw.

See further detail related to it here. You can find this riddler trophy in the northeast corner between the border of park row and amusement mile. Above a steam pipe, a freeze bomb clears my path.

Examine the southwest part of the main area of the backstage.you will find a closed gate there and you will need to use the voice synthesizer on it (harley's voice). The description of finding the trophy: After reaching the seemingly inaccessible room, equip the batclaw and use it to grab the trophy attached to the ceiling #2.

Prologue rescue the missing police officer interrogate the driver of the military vehicle investigate scarecrow's safehouse destroy enemy tanks run battle mode weapon energy system diagnostics destroy the squadron of drone tanks take ivy to the gcpd lockup meet oracle at the clock tower use panessa studio antenna use the antenna at the falcone shipping yard rendezvous with gordon at. Pull this down with your batclaw and grapple or glide to it for the trophy. Between me and the robot is a fence floor.

This is the second time now i've played through the game to get all of the trophies, but the trophy behind bane's hideout, (the one with the 6 red riddler switches, which requires the line launcher to reach the trophy) always messes my game up. Curiously, you don't need to use the explosive gel here, as jumping will be enough #1. Riddler trophies on miagani island.

The trophy is located on the stage b of the movie studio. In this guide, we’re going to show you the locations of panessa studios riddler trophies, and help you solve. Just because you beat the game doesn't mean you're done with batman:

Inside the stuck elevator in. In stage c, one by the mirror, and one right in front of the poseidon statue. The neon riddler question mark your supposed to hit is also missing from the wall.

According to my panessa studios map i have two ? Two more times as it travels along the pipe the ball will stop and steam will escape from the pipe next to it. Riddles are verbal puzzles given by.

Every riddle, every trophy, every camera, every balloon and more! Look straight up at the ceiling. You should dust off batmobile’s cannon, too.

Seal these up as well and the ball will drop out of the far end, allowing you access to the trophy within. On the rooftop of the orphanage. This video includes the locations for panessa studios trophies #1 through #11.

On the terrace of the red tower near bristol station. Voice synthesizer the description of solving the puzzle: I grapple up, ahead of me is the trophy locked up, connected to a gun locker below.

You can freeze grenades to create a platform and get access to the trophy. Finally throw a batarang right, then right again to hit a panel and electrify it, letting you get the trophy. Panessa studios is a an old film studio in batman:

Find the control panel under the ceiling and break into it by using the remote hacking device. It's supposed to be to the right of the mirror (the one used to get the 4 digit code to enter c), on top of a small round table in a domed riddler cage. I've returned after my initial panessa visit, but nothing has changed.

Ign's guide to finding every last riddler trophy in batman: In my game, there are no ? It is the one in the corridor in front of stage c on the panessa studios level which involves a mirror and a question mark button.

Entering the main entrance of studio c through the short hallway turning left. This activates the riddler trophy a for the stage the lit arrow is pointing to. Approach the trophy from the south.

It's in a room in stage a with all the props (where you fought king). Panessa riddler tropy (color changing question marks) user info:

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