I am having trouble in panessa studios stage c. This activates the riddler trophy a for the stage the lit arrow is pointing to.

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Dratsablive 5 years ago #1.

Riddler trophy panessa studios stage b. Ign's guide to finding every last riddler trophy in batman: The panessa movie studios are located in bleake island, so you're going back to where the madness started. Map of panessa film studios riddler trophy locations.

I've returned after my initial panessa visit, but nothing has changed. The next door puts us inside sound stage b. And it will overload and free the nearby trophy.

The room is littered with 8 more generators, so label them clockwise in your head. You'll hear a mellow music when you're near one. Then guide it through the window above the door you need to go through.

One to the west and a pair to the south. Get the batarang to turn around and downstairs to the fuse box to the left of the door. In stage c, one by the mirror, and one right in front of the poseidon statue.

Inside the small puzzle room to the southwest of stage b, you'll find a pressure pad. Enter the floor grating that appears and look around for a riddler trophy. There is stage a, b and c but c has a t spray painted on it.

Use the batmobile remote controls and the winch to pull out the three. Theres this riddler trophie underneath panessa studios where theres an electric ceiling above you and then you have to trigger an emp blast and then super eject toward the wall and then youre supposed to be able to use the line launcher and then walk on the wire and throw some baterangs and get the riddler trophie. The description of finding the trophy:

You can't let it go back to the starting reset point, so now change directions by hitting the question mark and. Immediately on the other side of the elevator door when you reach level 05. How do i get the riddler trophy under panessa studios?

“always looking for names to besmirch, where does this newsman conduct his research?”. At panessa studios there is a riddler bot standing between two pressure plates. You’ll have to go there on several occasions, and there are collectibles to be had inside.

Panessa studios riddle solutions | batman: In this guide, we’re going to show you the locations of panessa studios riddler trophies, and. Slip through the vent to find a riddler puzzle in the back corner.

The trophy is located on the stage b of the movie studio. Use the batmobile's winch to lower the panel above, then grapple into the cage. This area is full of harley's thugs as well.

The riddler switch that turns off when you look at it and you have to use the vent and then throw a batarang back through the. This is in the eastern room on the floor beneath the riddler trophy. Directly above the previous trophy is a riddler puzzle.

Asnyder5750 5 years ago #1. Head to the far top left section of stage b (near the stairs up to the highest level. Simply hit the open valves with freeze blast to force the trophy to the other end of the tube, where you can pick it up.

In the walkway beside the quarantine cells. In this guide, we’re going to show you the locations and. Panessa studios stage c trophy help;

In my game, there are no ? It’s where robin is working on finding a cure for those poisoned with joker’s blood. Avoid going over the marker near the trophy or the puzzle will reset.

Find the control panel under the ceiling and break into it by using the remote hacking device. There is only one open at the moment, so let’s head through the door to sound stage b. Panessa studios is the fifth area you’ll explore in batman:

There are three more riddles to find here, and then you're done. Panessa studios is a an old film studio in batman: So start the generator with the rec gun and run to b and stop it there.

Hit the dot to free up the trophy. This collectible is located inside the ak hq building. According to my panessa studios map i have two ?

Subsubscribe to premium to remove ads. This video includes the locations for panessa studios trophies #1 through #11.

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