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Don't Go! (Tom Riddle x Reader) Beautiful pencil

This part was getting… extremely lengthy.

Riddler x reader fanfiction. Probably [riddler x reader] request: Almost a year since, rather than give up the location of oswald and edward, you were tied to a chair and tossed off. When he was alone with his thoughts there were tears that wouldn’t stop.

“things you said that i wasn’t meant to hear” please and thank you~ no rush! An associate checks in on the riddler after receiving an angry call from him. Gentleness (phantom of the opera 2004) yandere!

Adopted siblings the riddler gotham bruce wayne selina kyle jim gordon edward nygma oswald cobblepot barbara kean. He suggests a game to cure her boredom and they bond over it. If they couldn’t find you in.

Raya and the last dragon 18. That is until he discovers that (y/n) has been working with roman torchwick. If you find it completely terrible, let me know and i’ll try and rewrite it when i’m concentrating more!

‘on a dark, stormy halloween night, four kids named luke, john, sarah and bob walk into a haunted house during a blackout. Oswald kept his demeanor, appearing angry and determined to get you back. You stood on the rooftop of the opera for some reason he had insisted meeting you there.

He would go around doing harmless pranks to people just to get a laugh out of them, play hide n seek with them, tag, etc etc. He would mock her if he knew her bravado didn't. Which makes you (your name) wayne.

[m!reader x luna lovegood] nightmares wasn’t something that luna had ever been able to handle. At least no one recognized him, in the centre of the park there was a pond with a few benches, he sat down and closed his eyes. Edward nygma, a batman fanfic | fanfiction.

You sat on the uncomfortable, plastic bench of the common room in arkham asylum, absentmindedly picking at your nails. Or other known as bruce wayne. Taunted | edward nygma x reader.

The reader is a patient at arkham asylum and she meets jerome there. Have been caught but not as much as joker!. Elizabeth watched as the joker was escorted down the hallway and she only moved once the door was shut behind him.

Also if it’s not too much of a bother i’d like to request edward nigma x reader with the prompt: Butch was there within the hour, men behind him ready to tear the city apart on oswald’s order. There was only one thing that edward, the riddler, and oswald all had in common anymore:

Your are the sister of batman. You hugged yourself tightly, the cold night made it almost impossible to be patient. The sound of footsteps brought made your heart fill.

He is then expelled, leaving him ridiculed and demeaned by his former classmates, causing him to embrace the idea that people are hypocritical imbeciles, and. Edward nygma/oswald cobblepot/ reader/i'm back x reader. A stinging, angry pain that went soul deep;

An associate checks in on the riddler after receiving an angry call from him. Okay but if tommy came back as a ghost, i just imagine him as the most mischievous little ghost : As ginny had frowned at her, worrying once more for her friend.

She was glad the scarecrow was too drugged up to see her reaction to the joker being let out of his cell. Probable ptsd, paranoia, trauma, substance abuse, death, general negativity. “maybe regret wasn’t a strong enough word.”.

Or other known as black rose. It had been almost a year since you died; Games (jerome valeska x reader oneshot) summary:

It was hard to wake up. In one of his episodes, all rage comes out and an irreversible incident occurs. Hinted that the riddler isn’t in good health, but we’ll all knew that anyway.

When jim gordon arrives in gotham, he ends up finding and rescuing, then adopting a young boy and a young girl with his fiance, barbara kean. And even when ginny had given her some sleeping draught, she politely put it away. You didn’t like the lingering stares of the men that past you.

Some men like to bring their work home, edward nigma goes a step further, he brings his work into his bed. You paced back and forth to pass time, and keep warm. Action friendship family drama penguin crime.

The riddle of love chapter 3: Whenever you get around to or in the mood for riddler… i was hoping to request riddler/reader with a mix of ‘hey bastard this store is already closed oh wait you’re hot never mind please do come in’ and ‘why does. Sister of the batman (riddler x reader) ( (discontinued)) april 25, 2020 mad hatter.

‘ i was wondering if maybe u could do a joker story where john doe has established himself with a vigilante and jus want to. Cocking your head, you watch him leaning comfortably against a pile of black and green pillows, with his laptop resting on the top of him. Follow you into the dark (jonathan crane x reader) a soft, cold wind tugged your [hair color] hair while you were waiting outside the courthouse of gotham city.

The biggest villain in gotham. It had gotten dark very quickly and you closed your coat further around you. Y/n is an orphan who's studied all his life, and loves riddles, ozpin considers him as his successor.

A little robin comes down and sits on his shoulder, nuzzling into him.

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