Wrestlers are an interesting breed as there has to be a certain selfishness involved to be a top star. Over the past year, many have speculated on the fever between wwe superstars matt riddle and seth rollins.

News Raw highlights Ziggler vs. Rollins, Bayley

This doesn’t completely negate anything, but i interviewed riddle a year ago and seth rollins was the first name he said he wanted to work with.

Seth rollins matt riddle. En el post se quejaba de que wwe. The beef is understood to have stemmed from riddle's wife making comments about becky lynch's weight. When asked about an nxt championship title match between adam cole and riddle that took place recently, rollins sided.

Once rollins was drafted to smackdown on friday, he mentioned how he. However, with the current draft still ongoing, it's possible that riddle will be moved to raw. Seth rollins made his feelings about matt riddle perfectly clear when he appeared on an episode of wwe watch along during the first night of the.

Seth rollins has not held back saying what he really thinks about matt riddle. Seth rollins may have been moved to smackdown this week, but he has already made it clear he has no interest in facing matt riddle. The first night of wwe 's 2020 draft is in the books.

This can be confirmed below. Backstage heat between seth rollins and matt riddle may have come to an end. It was reported around the time of the wwe draft that there is a backstage issue between seth rollins and matt riddle.

Back in october of last year, 'the messiah' made his feelings very public, claiming before the. Sin embargo, rollins respondió de esta manera porque en realidad está muy molesto con matt riddle por unos comentarios que su mujer llevó a cabo en instagram hace unos meses. Seth rollins was the first star to switch brands during this year's draft, but fans expecting to see one dream match, in particular, might be left disappointed.

On talking smack, rollins blew off the idea of ever working with riddle when he said that he has “no interest in facing matt riddle at any point.”. Seth rollins and riddle had some backstage heat piping up between them at some point, according to reports. This may have started when matt riddle’s wife made comments towards becky lynch via an instagram post, which you can see below.

Seth rollins and matt riddle have long been rumoured to be on different pages. There’s speculation that the two may have heat over comments made by riddle’s wife, lisa, back in 2019 about. Lisa riddle, mujer de matt riddle, publicó en noviembre de 2019 un mensaje en instagram acompañado de una imagen de becky lynch.

A showdown between rollins and riddle is a dream match for many fans, and the two being on the same brand could put them into contact with each other eventually. Seth rollins enters the ring at the wwe summerslam 2015 at barclays center of brooklyn on august 23, 2015 in new york city. It can easily be said that matt riddle is a heat magnet.

He has been known to anger some superstars and that now likely includes seth rollins and becky lynch. You can only do so much without stepping on someone at least a little bit. Seth rollins was a guest on wwe's watch along for the draft episode in october 2020, and the former universal champion revealed that he had no interest in working with matt riddle in his career.

Backstage heat between seth rollins and matt riddle. Matt riddle's dream match in wwe is one against brock lesnar, but he took some time to talk about the man that defeated lesnar at wrestlemania this year. Seth rollins & matt riddle heat is real says witness account.

There seems to be some heat between seth rollins and matt riddle, and it’s likely real. While on talking smack, seth rollins said he had no interest in facing matt riddle at any point. there's speculation that this may have stemmed from comments made by riddle's wife on instagram (that were since deleted) where she compared female wrestlers (including becky lynch) to. Rollins said he has no interest in facing the original bro.it seems that they.

Matt riddle & seth rollins have squashed their beef. There have been rumors about past backstage heat between seth rollins and matt riddle since november 2019. Matt riddle's name came up, which rollins quick shot down by saying, i've got no interest in facing matt riddle at any point in my career, so he can go to raw as far as i'm concerned. this.

— gary cassidy (@wrestlinggary) october 11, 2020 On friday night, rollins was drafted over to smackdown, the brand where riddle currently resides, but that could of. Matt riddle was called up from nxt to friday night smackdown and received a push from the beginning.

However, that push seems to have been put on hold according to several reports. Over the past year, many have speculated heat between wwe superstars matt riddle and seth rollins. Lynch, who took time off from wwe early last year, has since given birth to a baby girl and appeared to have remained in great shape throughout her pregnancy.

Until october 2019, rollins and riddle were eager to face each other […] It started with an instagram post from riddle’s wife directed at becky lynch and her body. This could have started when matt riddle’s wife commented on becky lynch via an instagram post.

In an interview with the battleground podcast, riddle discussed rollins and a recent interview rollins had on the bump.

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