I mean, it would be kinda nuts if ed nigma found his way into your. The cubes are glowing green boxes that you have to find and pick up (usually with the batclaw, although occasionally just with your hand).

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Use the ultra batclaw on the window, then go until you're outside.

The batcave riddler trophy. Then glide to the first island and go to the bottom step for the first trophy. Use the explosive gel on the hole north of the trophy (trophy room) #1. You'll get a scene showing your path.

Ah,that was my last riddler trophy. Inside there sitting on the floor is a green glowing riddler trophy. After detonating it, enter the small room and stand in front of the trophy cage #2.

Pass through the door to the left of the batcomputer to visit the batcave’s trophy room. This run is where you'll clean up everything you didn't get when enjoying the game. Here you can admire all of the trophies that you’ve built by collecting all of the minikits in each level.

Even if you enter from deadman's point side again from the 2 skulls room where there is one more challenged hidden in breakable wall, the jump cutscene and landing at batcave repeats leading you to the first discovered. Simply destroy the little green trophy, then now that's impressive! Before jumping across to the room's exit, grab that and shimmy right, around the corner.

There is a hidden riddler trophy located behind a smashable wall in the batcave, right next to the entrance of the bonus level. In order to solve this riddle, you have to throw three batarangs by quickly tapping the left trigger (don't hold it down!) in a short period of time #1. The batcave has 9 trophies in it.

Climb up, climb again and there's the trophy. Use your line launcher at the south end of the old sewer to cross the deep gap to the riddler trophy. After you defeat ivy the ebst thing is all riddler challemnges paths open up unblocked by plants.

Replay the game using mission select to get the collectables and trophy cleanup. Climb up the nearby ledge and go outside to enter a cutscene where you'll drop down the edge of a cliff into the batcave. Use the line launcher to cross from the west sniper tower to the ledge with this riddler trophy along the western edge of the area.

There is a brick wall a giant/strong character can break through. Piece together riddler trophy, cube and cane in riddler case file this can be completed in the batcave at the case files section, to the right and behind the forensic area where you start. Then climb the island and zip across.

Panessa studios is a an old film studio in batman: A hidden riddler trophy is found in the batcave by the bonus level. There are three types of riddler trophies:

I thought there wasn't any in the batcave? In order to unlock this trophy, head to the batcave and use the grappling gun to traverse to the batcomputer (on the right side). After battling this mechanical beast in the gotham amusement park called dinosaur island, he brought it back as a trophy, putting it on display in the batcave for years.

You’ll have to go there on several occasions, and there are collectibles to be had inside. Head to the bonus level start point in the area of the trophy room and to the right of the tv show set, there is a giant cracked wall (use a giant character to smash it) and inside is the trophy. Do as the guy said.

Pound6372 11 years ago #3. There are hidden goodies to discover in this spacious chamber, too—see if you can find them all! Go to the second island as you did in the earlier part of the game.

Its easy if you take the second route out of batcave after 2 titan fight. Kungfuking69 11 years ago #2. While using the batcomputer there is a tablet below the screen which can be picked up, use this to view characters.

It’s where robin is working on finding a cure for those poisoned with joker’s blood. Cubes, hidden question marks, and riddles. You can unlock this once the batcave is available to you after level.

Unlocks the killer croc character trophy. Onewiththegame 11 years ago #1. There is one near the back of the batcave and its my last one, anyone know how to get it.

Head to the bat garage and note that the vehicle console has a green fingerprint over the batwing. Go through the cave and hit r1 to get to the ledge. More importantly, this is the place to go when you want to purchase the red bricks that you’ve discovered in the missions.

This trophy will pop when you pick it up regardless of whom you're viewing on the system. Beyond it is a riddler trophy (arkham island, north riddle #17).

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