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Harry potter 2016 lord voldemort is a pocket pop!

Tom marvolo riddle pop. The son of the wealthymuggletom riddle sr.and the witchmerope gaunt, he was orphaned and. When he met resistance and was defeated by lily potter's sacrifice to save her. Riddle was a prefect and head boy at hogwarts, and when he was sixteen he opened the chamber of secrets.

Tom marvolo riddle submitted by cosmiccastaway: Orientujesz się, że jego autorem jest niejaki tom marvolo riddle. He failed at this, a lot, he knew other boys in the school thought you were rather attractive and their eyes would sometimes pass over others to glimpse at you.

Jak skończy się twoja przygoda z dziennikiem? Tom watched you a lot, you never noticed, he was only keeping an eye on you from a distance until he or you decided to get up join the others side, most importantly, he was making sure no other person made a move on you. So, voldemort, the evil lord.

Tom riddle x reader | by bravemoongirl. 1 introduction 2 from the story 2.1 discovered in book 2, chapter 13, the very secret diary 2.2 discovered in book 2, chapter 17, the heir of slytherin 2.3 discovered in book 2, chapter 18, dobby's reward 2.4 discovered in book 6, chapter 13, the. Left his wife soon after.

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He was the son of wealthy muggle tom riddle sr., and witch merope gaunt, who died shortly after childbirth.he was the heir of salazar slytherin and was ordered to finish his work. Przy zakupach od 40 zł (punkty odbioru) lub od 100 zł (kurier) dostawa od 8,99 zł. Tom marvolo riddle, prefect at hogwarts school for witchcraft and wizardry.

Tom riddle is the birth name of voldemort. Tom marvolo riddle submitted by cosmiccastaway: W twoje ręce wpadł pewien dziennik.

Jakie relacje nawiążesz z tomem? Since his mother died after giving birth to him and his father left his family, he grew up in wool’s orphanage, a muggle orphanage in london. But in reality he is one of the most evil figures of literature, lord voldemort!

Tom marvolo riddle submitted by cosmiccastaway: Jak potoczy się twoja historia z dziennikiem toma riddle’a? He does not rob banks or hold hostages.

Foto of tom marvolo riddle for fans of tom riddle 39320619 He sounds like a nice boy. During the film after the joker having been emotionally hurt by batman's insistence that he was not his archenemy, he is seen depressedly watching a news report of superman who had recently banished general zod to the phantom zone which contains some of the evilest.

Much like epic mythical villains such. Teenage tom riddle club join new post. Image of young tom riddle for фаны of teenage tom riddle 11296974

He is from the harry potter franchise. It is difficult to discuss his story here, but would he like you?. Czas wysyłki zwykle w ciągu 24 godzin.

Photo of tom marvolo riddle for fans of teenage tom riddle 39320627. « but perhaps the monsters needed to look out for each.

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