As moaning myrtle's ghost reveals, riddle came to that girls' bathroom and opened the entrance using parseltongue. Harry potter sits in the window.

The Visual Traveler Tom Riddle Mocking Dumbledore's gifts

Tom riddle learns to open the chamber of secrets and releases the basilisk.

Tom riddle chamber of secrets. Riddle was a prefect and head boy at hogwarts, and when he was sixteen he opened the chamber of secrets. 1 introduction 2 from the story 2.1 discovered in book 2, chapter 13, the very secret diary 2.2 discovered in book 2, chapter 17, the heir of. In chamber of secrets, tom riddle clearly becomes corporeal in some form, feeding off a strong diet of [ginny's] deepest fears and darkest secrets. he grew powerful enough to feed a bit of his soul back into ginny.

Dumbledore's been driven out of this castle by the mere memory of me! Snape had a shitty childhood; The chamber of secrets was opened by ginny weasley, on the command of tom riddle aka voldemort.

You won't be needing it. He was an orphan, who, at the time of discovery, didn't know his family. We have nothing to suggest he was guided there.

Camera cranes down, down, over the rooftops, finds the second floor window of number 4. It seems strange that he would know exactly which students to target at any given time. Harry has to leave hogwarts;

On harry's second year, before the start of term, harry and the weasley family went to diagon alley, to buy books. Dumbledore will never be gone. They entered florrish and blotts, where they confronted lucius malfoy.

When he finally does open it, he uses parseltongue to control and release the basilisk within. So i think the chamber was originally located under a fountain and corvinus changed this. Tom probably read that and decided to find it himself.

It won't come until it's called. The books that he used were probably the ones that dumbledore confiscated. However, canon is a little inconsistent.

[looks up to see riddle holding his wand and stands up] give me my wand, tom. Not as long as those who remain are loyal to him. Enough to let me leave its pages at last.

[while harry's not looking, riddle bends down and picks up harry's wand from where he left it] you've got to help me, tom. We need to get her out of here, tom, harry said trying to move ginny himself. Voldemort tortures and kills vernon and petunia for info on harry;

Tom riddle (whatever that came out of the diary) tells harry, near the end of the book, that it took him five years to find the exact location of the chamber of secrets. Tom riddle is the birth name of voldemort. How he knew that the chamber was there, hermione noted that there was a book that mentioned the chamber of secrets.

In the 1940's tom riddle discovered the chamber of secrets. Dobby was freed from enslavement after mr. A songbird and an old hat.

Or, did he just stumble across it? There just wasn't something right about this guy. But ultimately, several revelations about tom riddle come to light:

Once we learn that tom riddle is the one responsible for opening the chamber of secrets by using ginny weasley to do his bidding, one has to wonder how he knows who the school's muggleborns are. Tom riddle says about ginny, she put too much into the diary, into me. He had first heard about the chamber of secrets five years before and had spent that time working out there it could be located and how to enter it.

He is in fact the heir of slytherin and he opened the chamber of secrets fifty years prior and framed hagrid for doing it. Listen, we've got to go. Riddle walked slowly around all three of us, watching us with a look of hunger on his face.

When harry picks up his diary, riddle shows him a memory of his time at school in which he catches hagrid and gets him expelled for opening the chamber of secrets. Living about the time of 1700 corvinus gaunt had a clear problem to create the modification he need a clear excuse. We've got to save her!

But i think salazar slytherin was actually using old roman water technology of aqueduct when he created the chamber of secrets. He's been at rest for 50 years. So this is what dumbledore sends his great defender.

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