A story where dumbledore tries to manipulate their 'savior', but she's too smart to be manipulated. It was a quiet night on all hallow's eve.

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Not one was awake at this time of night except the potter household.

Tom riddle daughter ao3. Tom riddle and y/n y/l/n have been best friends since the summer just before first year at hogwarts. A cunning, loyal, ambitious slyther. Find out what happens when adaline changes the wizarding world.

Tom riddle was fully expecting to stay in hell forever. (now over 100k words) lily’s cousin, jasmine, comes to live with lily and her family after something terrible happens to her mother. Firstly, that tom was actually descended from the house of gaunt and, by extension, salazar slytherin himself.

Lily potter was busying herself in trying to put her 1 ½ year old son to. Behind the blindfold 1 (tomione) benind the blinfold 2 (tomione) 3 kings of kingdom of heaven ( tom, hermione, draco, lucius) freaks and loose on the street. Roslyn must do voldemort's bidding in order to protect her family, even if that means selling herself to tom riddle.

Jasmine is excited to be living with lily but having to transfer school in your sixth year is going to be a hard transition for. Hazel potter, the girl who lived. Then came the hogwarts letter, and a world of intriguing new possibilities to exploit.

“miss (y/l/n), please come with me” he said. Part 1, a harry potter fanfic | fanfiction. 1 best friends forever by katzensprung harry potter finds a lost diary and makes friends with tom riddle, an orphan girl just like her.

In my opinion the author has written a stellar plot focused on the childhood interaction between hermione and tom, showing how. There were tons of new faces. He wrote his name in the air, using his wand to produce glowing letters, then changed it from ‘tom marvolo riddle’ into ‘i am lord voldemort’.

Ginny is an auror, tasked with tracking down the dark wizard voldemort as he rises in his infamy. A dragon's scorching breath missing her by inches. Before that history was written, tom was a lonely boy who just wanted to be happy.

James potter lily evans original female character sirius x oc jasmine dupont. Hattie could fight all that, as she had in the past. Can tom love her back even if he was conceived under love potion?can hufflepuff y/n.

The restaurant (tomione) weapons down. Dumbledore has been quelling all of their magical abilities. Lily isn’t actually harry’s mom, she’s snape’s soul mate, but dumbledore put a memory charm on both her and snape to cover this up.

Harry potter and the methods of rationality by less wrong (#1) petunia married a biochemist, and harry grew up reading science and science fiction. A few in which tom riddle is tortured (mentally or physically): Reborn as adaline lillian potter.

Tom riddle is a genius, and originally he was planning on just murdering his way into this, but now?well.tom riddle was a very very petty man,and nobody discriminates against him.ortom riddle decides to fuck with the ministry of magic, becomes lawful evil, and somehow, accidentally, gets a. And new friends, like hermione granger, and professor mcgonagall, and professor quirrell…. Tom underestimates how badly hermione will react to his dangerous obsession.

It's an alternate universe where ginny went to hogwarts with riddle. Until a trip to the seaside changes all that, when he sees an incredible display of magic. Now she has to learn how to survive as an orphan in 1930's london.

Everything would be great if only the petrifications would stop. The story will follow ginny as she tries to uncover who voldemort. Yet every clue she finds points to her childhood friend, tom riddle.

Sirius and james are soul mates, but dumbledore modified their memories so they wouldn’t remember. Tom riddle—voldemort—was an irredeemable monster, according to the history that was written by the victors of the first wizarding war. Ron, harry, and hermione sat at the gryffindor table and started to talk about how there 7th year at hogwarts was going to be, and how hermione had gotten head girl.

Fate decided to make him earn it. Devil's snare wringing her neck. When they walked into the great hall.

A basilisk fang embedded in her forearm. Tom riddle laughing in the forbidden forest before a sudden burst of putrid green. She was probably stupid for liking tom as much as she did.

The killing curse aimed at her sitting in a crib. With her parents being so eager to please the dark lord they agree to allow him to thrust their only daughter into the past to fulfill his latest plan. Albus dumbledore was fully expecting harry potter's name down for the next year at hogwarts.

Harry and tom riddle are soul mates.

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