Active 3 years, 2 months ago. In harry potter and the chamber of secrets, the movie, the diary of riddle pulls harry in to view a memory.

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Harry's bag gets torn open and his ink bottle spills, but when he gets to class, he realises the diary is perfectly dry even though everything else is covered in ink.

Tom riddle diary scene. Discover (and save!) your own pins on pinterest. A summary of part x (section13) in j. He might look handsome and act charismatic, but he’s very cruel underneath the mask.

Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson plans. The potter twins sighed and slumped in their seats. 9 quirrell revealing voldemort on the back of his head

In the movie portrayal, however, hagrid's face stays in shadow the entire time. (1) when tom riddle (christian coulson)'s preservation shows the events as they happened 50 years ago to harry, it was hagrid who was accused and subsequently expelled from hogwarts. Although she is rather pretty when she laughs, smiles, just pretty in general.

“but.i can show you.” tom riddle said. You understand, the diary is itself and secrets must be kept for a certain amount time. This is what gives him the idea to drip ink onto the diary.

Harry potter house examples based on a scene in chamber of secrets enjoy ravenclaw pride tom riddle diary chamber of secrets 6 he was a kleptomaniac. In the scene from tom riddle’s diary flashback when harry sees tom riddle pinning the death of moaning myrtle on hagrid, viewers get an idea of what the villain is capable of.

For instance, all of the manipulation, torture, and murder. Tom riddle in the famous all black draco malfoy suit tom riddle young tom riddle harry potter pictures. Can we guess which hogwarts house you re in in 2021 tom riddle young tom riddle riddles.

Amelia & harry looked at each other as the diary flipped through the pages and landed on a page dated 13th of june, 50 year’s ago. This is a one shot i wrote ages ago when i was in love with tom riddle lol it is super short… but i like it so now you’re reading it. Realizes that dumbledore suspected something and.

1 description 2 content 3 zoom levels 3.1 zoom 1 3.2 zoom 2 3.3 zoom 3 4 sounds 5 see also trunk items a bertie. In harry potter and the chamber of secrets, i was fascinated by the scene where the words 'tom marvolo riddle' change into 'i. When ron and harry follow the spiders to aragog, who was accused of being the monster who killed the hogwarts student now known as moaning myrtle ( shirley henderson ), aragog confirms hagrid's innocence.

(this is a tom riddle x oc x harry potter love story) published september 8, 2015 · updated february 10, 2020. Palace theatre (london, united kingdom) nota bene: However, unlike a pensieve, the user cannot move about the memory, such as repeat viewings, remove it, or treat it separately from the diary.

Polyjuice potion and tom riddle's diary this deleted scene shows harry and ron hiding crabbe and goyle after making them unconscious. Harry desperately asks tom to help him rescue ginny and escape the chamber of secrets, but tom remains where he is, speaking in a lofty voice, unconcerned about the situation. He’s shaped by cruelty and twisted by darkness.

Tom riddle video edit 🐍 | young tom riddle, harry potter toms, harry potter scene. Fae and tom riddle's diary. A post reserved for french readers will be published about the same theme under a.

I assume this scene was cut for pacing reasons.) 1 richard tyler destroys henry evans' diary 2 sherman peabody destroys oroku saki's diary 3 littlefoot destroys thunderclap's diary 4 lincoln loud destroys mitch mitchelson's diary 5 tommy pickles destroys reggie van dough's. This scene is from the film, harry potter and the chamber of secrets.

You are an intelligent witch from the year (whatever year you want buddy) and you were sent against your headmasters request because you had a plan to. (for the record, this scene happens differently in the book. Rowling's harry potter and the chamber of secrets.

Tom riddle's diary works similarly to a pensieve in that the memory is shown in entirety, not just what the user witnessed. At one point he captures harry's wand, slightly alarming harry, but more than anything else, rendering him more impatient to get himself and ginny out of the way of the hidden basilisk. ***tom's p.o.v*** stupid girl, making a scene like that!

Tom riddle's diary is the first moment of harry potter and the chamber of secrets, chapter 13, the very secret diary. He is compelling and completely in. However, he had a weird habit that developed early in life, and one that dumbledore called him.

This scene is the third scene set in moaning myrtle's bathroom. When it comes to tom riddle's antisocial tendencies, we tend to focus on the bigger ones. Active 2 years, 7 months ago.

Tom’s need to control seems to drive his choices and his life. Tom riddle’s diary is a section not only for harry potter, but it is the name of the section reserved for english readers. A few seconds later, the ink rose again.

Riddle confronts hagrid about aragog and accuses him of causing the death of the student. They then sprint to the girl’s lavatory where hermione waits for them with a pair of stolen slytherin robes from the laundry. Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of harry potter and the chamber of secrets and what it means.

Every decision and every conversation with tom riddle shows a mind sharp with brilliance and darkness.

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