Two sets of claps followed the announcement, but tom riddle was not amused. You hummed to yourself as you opened it, sitting in t

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The power of love [tom riddle x reader] that filthy muggle.

Tom riddle fanfiction dirty. The start of a series which will eventually be a snape mentors harry tale. Tom riddle and his emotions or lack of. Tom riddle looked down at (and on) the shorter girl in front of him, as they were walking down the stairs.

Tom doesn’t quite know what that strange feeling is inside his chest. I would probably never read a story about this “romantic pairing. “thank you for the mums,” you said with a guilty grin on your face.

Please refrain from plagiarizing my work! Part 1 of professor of muggle. Somehow she catches the attention of the school prodigy and bully, tom riddle.

The dungeons were pretty creepy but the mood in the classroom was still excitable. He was quite tall for his age, while that little mudblood was at least eight inches shorter, so he could take a look at the top of her head. Along the way, he trains hard, and learns to trust and love.

Or like a past tom riddle looking at crazy voldemort and just being like fuck this guy and offs voldemort by himself. “miss (y/l/n), please come with me” he said. (thank you so much for this ask.

There was only one muggle activity that tom riddle truly enjoyed when he was a child at the orphanage. Not surprisingly, considering his proclivities, it was an activity that lent itself to solitude and contemplation. It’s every single human that is dirty.

Fanfic tomxdraco lo que tenían se parecía mucho al amor, pero no lo era, pues el amor es algo puro e inmaculado, mientras que lo que había entre ellos apestaba a sangre, muerte y agonía. I want a smart tom riddle, who looks at 1st year harry and sees a child (i.e. It doesn't necessarily have to be tom centric but if the fic features a sane, calculating tom riddle/voldemort that would be cool.

Summary let me pleasure you you go to the riddle manor for the summer and a series of unfortunate events happen, you dating mattheo and somewhat using his dad (tom riddle/dark lord) for your own pleasure and he is doing the same to you you go to paris with tom and mattheo and you get kidnapped but you meet grindelwalds son and a love triangle starts to form ⚠️(the dark lord is stuck in. Her [hair colour] locks rested on her. Sure it looked ancient, but hey, it was free.

To be a hogwarts professor. If you want to read more of my tom riddle fanfiction, i'd suggest this one. Humor romance tom riddle fluffy harry potter.

Lily is extremely socially awkward and clumsy so hogwarts is a minefield of disaster to her. Tom nodded, took both of your hands, pulled you towards him and kissed you gently. Y/n is a descendant of herpo the foul but if her mother is.

#tom riddle #tom marvolo riddle #tom riddle fic #tom riddle fanfic #tom riddle imagine #tom riddle imagines #tom riddle fanfiction #tom riddle x oc #tom riddle x reader #tom riddle x y/n #tom riddle x you #harry potter #prompt #yiiirie #ravenclaw reader #touch starved tom #smut #not really but hey #1k special #minific #fil #gn reader But i have read some stories in which either tom or merope raise their son. Also his reaction to myrtle's death.

The only reason why he complied was because he wanted a good impression with the professors. You found it in the abandoned girl’s bathroom inhabited by myrtle, so obviously no one wanted it. Tom sent you half a smile through the reflection of the mirror before he turned around.

Tom riddle had unlimited potential, only tempered and twisted by his crippling fear of death. I have recently discovered a quite good fanfiction called “the right hand. “you don’t mind if i sit here, do you.

Tom riddle x reader smut. Estaba mancillado en cada molécula de su existir. He knew exactly what would follow.

Antagonistic!si, si as tom riddle I do not own harry potter or any of its characters, i only own melissa it was her first lesson; Things would be back to normal, if it wasn’t for harry’s continued dreams with a.

The wizarding world is ecstatic, harry is more famous than ever (much to snape’s annoyance), and draco malfoy can finally catch a break. It was this activity that taught him to value patience. The summer after the department of mysteries battle is a hard one for harry, plagued by guilt but determined to make himself fit to fulfill the prophecy.

It is just an utter disaster. Within the pages of tom riddle's diarypart one by 123ekaterina oh, boy! I do fluff and smut as well as non romantic relationships, such as friendship and parenting.

Tom riddle x female!reader prompt: Headmaster dippet called him after dinner was over. But he has gone beyond thinking that it’s just the muggles and mudbloods that are dirty.

They could harm and terrorize and badger every single person in the castle that they wanted, but unless they wanted to be found in the dungeons either petrified or with their skin turned. It is spring of 1969 when tom riddle gets his second chance at the one thing he’s always wanted: Luckily this wasn't his story anymore and subsequently the future writes itself anew.

I try to update twice a week. You couldn’t wait to write in your new journal! Harry potter has just escaped the clutches of lord voldemort.

He said that there was a new student who was in a similar situation as his. Fanfiction romance harry potter tom riddle love story young voldemort tom riddle x reader tom riddle and y/n y/l/n have been best friends since the summer just before first year at hogwarts. Tom riddle x reader fandom:

He's unusually taken with the small girl and expresses his interest in the only way he knows how.

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