He knew what he wanted from life and how he was going to achieve that. But power comes in many forms.

Heart Strings a Harry X Voldemort Harry potter anime

I've written fanfiction with tom x oc pairings, and am also working on a tom x ginny fic.

Tom riddle fanfiction oc. The first chapter is simply the next chapter you click on, so you don't need to go looking for a new book. Eine völlig andere welt (tom riddle/oc ff) von callmej99. Please leave a review as constructive criticism is very helpful.

The untold years, chapter 34: This is a c2 for tom marvolo riddle centered stories. Four months later, he would meet his match and change the course of history forever.

#tom riddle #tom marvolo riddle #tom riddle fic #tom riddle fanfic #tom riddle imagine #tom riddle imagines #tom riddle fanfiction #tom riddle x oc #tom riddle x reader #tom riddle x y/n #tom riddle x you #harry potter #prompt #yiiirie #ravenclaw reader #touch starved tom #smut #not really but hey #1k special #minific #fil #gn reader 689 the game of lord voldemort » by barbasulrico voldemort refuse to die and pushes the soul of tommen baratheon out of the way. Humor romance tom riddle fluffy harry potter.

Ultimately, destiny will have different fates for both of them. „eine reise in das jahr 1945, um genauer zu sein in das 6. Tom riddle/oc this is so long, this really made me reflect upon my tomione fanfic obsession xd initially i wanted to post a master list of all my hp fanfics but itll probably take months to post it!

When tom meets her, there is a. When he was brought to hogwarts, he learned the truth and was immediately infuriated. Carroll, was scurrying around in the lobby, trying to make things perfect for the childless couples who were planning to adopt a cute little girl or boy before christmas.

Ria threw a brush at me!” a little girl exclaimed. The title of the next book is harry potter and the diary of tom riddle. This is a story about a girl destined for greatness and a boy who is close to making all the wrong choices.

When the battle in the department of mysteries heads south, harry finds herself flung backwards in time to 1942, where tom riddle is a prefect in his fifth year. I can promise you that. And he was going to twist the fates so that this 'harry potter'.

Silly little witches have no right to try to manipulate the great tom riddle. If you think a story should be in here then pm me. Somehow she catches the attention of the school prodigy and bully, tom riddle.

Sirius black voldermort tom riddle x oc dumbledore snape. He didn't want to die. You will find no mary sues, and bad plots in here;

Set during tom riddle's 7th year at hogwarts, in which he meets a witch with an interesting connection. Armed with this knowledge, but little else, harry desperately tries to find a way home and for once in her life not screw it up. And there is a woman.

I'm looking for a tom riddle fanfiction with ofc (it doesn't necessarily always have to be an oc, it could be j,k' rowling's character someone like hermione or something) traveling back in time( accidentally or not, it doesn;t matter).the oc could even be a muggle or maybe even a person somehow sucked in from the real world to the harry potter universe. He's unusually taken with the small girl and expresses his interest in the only way he knows how. There are plots and lies that not even dumbledore knows.

Fanfictions that have interesting plot, are well written and have minor or no slash. Tom riddle's search for power will lead him to alina. Kurzbeschreibung geschichte drama, liebesgeschichte / p16 / gen.

If you know about great stories about tmr, please let me know. If you are looking for a collection of the best written fanfics about the pairing tom riddle/oc, then this community is definitely for you. Evelina hawthrone and tom riddle were on the opposite ends of the universe.

Lily is extremely socially awkward and clumsy so hogwarts is a minefield of disaster to her. Mainly tom riddles or the marauders time. Tom riddle tom riddle/oc oc voldemort hp fiction fanfiction ao3 thyra was a descendant of an ancient wizarding family infamous for hereditary madness, but also a broke orphan, left with nothing but traces of old glory and terror, when they first met.

I'm just a little girl! Tom always had a small tattoo on his wrist, something that he knew nothing about. Tom riddle oc fic harry potter riddle & malfoy half blood boy pure blood girl not drama comedy by misscutest \\ harry potter • oc \\ hey!

126 the wall of time » by riona h.goch it was the last day of 1926 when tom riddle was born. Fanfiction harry potter tom riddle tmr oc esmeralda. So i am sticking with tomione/ tom riddle fanfic first since i have developed an unhealthy obsession for this pairing.

Tom riddle harry potter fanfiction time travel. “ria, stop bullying christine!” the caretaker, ms. Between hogwarts and the first wizarding war, there is a time in tom riddle's life that no one talks about.

Das ziel dieser reise ist, tom riddle davon zu überzeugen, dass es noch andere dinge außer macht gibt.“ mit großen augen blickte ich ihn an. And even that was different for them. Both alone, they will form a special bond over the darkness that dwells in each other.

When the battle in the department of mysteries heads south harry finds herself flung backwards in time to 1942 where tom riddle is a prefect in his fifth year. Schuljahr von tom riddle, heute natürlich bekannt unter dem namen lord voldemort. Tom riddle fanfiction i'm harrypotterlover317 on fanfiction.net, and i write fanfiction about tom riddle.

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