The effect he had on me didn’t only leave red hot fiery sparks, but ever since i’ve met him i’ve become different. I'd like you to see it.

Bob Ogden in 2019 Art Illustration Land & shelter

The day i first met him.

Tom riddle movie 6. Voldemort zdědil obrovské schopnosti po svém předkovi, salazaru zmijozelovi. I have one answer to that, tom. Brain maths science knowledge intelligent intelligence medium mathematics tech exam mathlete tom riddle.

15,177 likes · 23 talking about this. Add to library 22 discussion 127. I’ve had a crush on her since third year, but never gathered up the courage to ask her out.

Or as he was known then, tom riddle. Tom riddle is of course voldemort. Welcome to the dark side

Here you can see if you are harry potter or tom riddle! Díky svému nadání dokázal čarovat i bez pomoci zaříkadel. At least answer 5 out of 8 questions correctly.

Proof that tony stark has a heart by tom riddle. Or even talk to her for that matter. Cole leading a younger dumbledore to tom riddle].

You'd stay back and let them do their thang. [takes a memory] albus dumbledore : Bu isimle açılan ilk sayfayız.

[harry takes the memory, poors its contents into the pensieve, puts his head in the pensieve, and watches mrs. Upgrade and get a lot more done! Hero would have been around.

Ayrıca harry potter hayranlari buraya !!!!! School & academics science & tech smart school teacher human. This file contains the most particular memory.

I first heard of her from my ex friend orion black, we’d been best friends since childhood, and one day he told me about the girl i would come to fancy. My dc collection 🙂 by tom riddle. The holy grail from indiana jones and the last crusade by tom riddle.

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