In a world where purebloods have difficulty conceiving, they consider their children to be extremely valuable and precious, and guard and covet them jealously, tom riddle sr is a pureblood, but still left merope because he thought she was lying about being pregnant and returns to his family, his wife, and his two children.fifteen year old tom riddle is the outcast mudblood of slytherin, constantly shunned,. It was always an opportunity to escape from boring little hangleton and from under his parents' watchful eyes.

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His mind was blurred and played with, and as such, he never gave his real consent to have sex with merope.

Tom riddle sr and tom riddle jr. That's why amortenia is one of. Family used live in little hangleton, london in gaunt shack. In a reality altered by ancient magic, this story follows a young tom riddle, plagued by nightmares and visions of his murderous future.

It certainly seems this scenario is what dumbledore believes, and arguably it's the result (tom riddle jr being fathered) that matters more than the means. When they keep meeting accidentally, tom decides to. & tom riddle jr, tom riddle/harry potter, tom riddle sr./severus snape summary:

Tom riddle sr chooses to raise his son. The gaunt family were last descendant of the well known wizard salazar slytherin. Discussion maybe merope still dies in child birth, but tom decides that the sins of the mother are not those of the son, and takes him from the orphanage.

He knew they were considered snobbish, but really, was it snobbery to look down on those who were truly beneath them? Tom riddle loved traveling to london. Tom marvolo riddle was born in a muggle orphanage in 1926/1927.

Was sitting by the fireplace reading the recent news when suddenly he heard someone ring the bell several times , then it stopped so he came running towards the gate with several guards guarding from behind. He is unable to see that severus is still in love with lily potter, and rowling confirms outside of canon that dumbledore's one romantic interest basically resulted in the first. Decided to raise merope's child even after he stopped taking the love potion, out of ethical duty.

Hi, tom, i'm your father and i'm taking you home. And when he woke up, he wanted to flee his rapist, not to be her. Tom riddle and severus snape are startlingly similar:

If riddle sr didn't leave but stayed, than merope wouldn't have lost her desire to live & almost certainly lived on to be a mother to riddle jr. Gaunt family was totally pure blood. This is exactly the same story.

The same thing happened to tom riddle sr. Tom sr.’s father is named thomas, and there’s no indication that he ever used “tom” as a nickname. Oh yeah, i'm sorry i only came to get you now. no, that wouldn't do.

There was a price for liberty. If tom riddle was to be her cage, then she would beat herself bloody against the. Tom riddle, son of thomas and mary riddle, knew quite well his place in the world.

However i have always thought that merope using that love potion was a really bad thing (no matter how bad you are crushing on someone, you can't change their brain that way). Cole) had regarding his parentage was the little merope said before she died, and that was more so for naming her son. In which tom riddle senior never could fully put merope’s claims of being pregnant out of his mind and set out to bring his child home, unwittingly changing the fate of both the wizarding and muggle worlds and laying waste to the.

After he makes a mess by spilling a drink, hermione says it's her fault, only for riddle to insist on taking the whole blame, answering that his father used to say one should always pay the consequences of their mistakes rather than blaming it on others — hinting this version of riddle sr. Had a dream that he was in hogwarts and those muggleborns dare defy him , But dumbledore, i believe, is a bit of a cynic when it comes to romantic love.

Riddle kept looking around nervously while he waited for the matron to come back. Even if both parents weren't necessarily in love with each other but vowed to take car of their child, then voldemort would never have existed. Yet, this was more acceptable to dorcas than the cost of complacency.

And then she graduates—she has slytherin ambitions to fulfill. What was he supposed to say to the boy? Again, this is a woman who drugged the man she was obsessed with and raped him until he got her pregnant.

This woman treats people l. Bent feathers and broken wings. Merope gaunt, tom riddle jr.’s mother was simultaneously abused mentally by her father marvallo gaunt and brother morfin gaunt.

Tom riddle sr was clearly a s***bird of a (muggle) man; Voldemort and his father are explicitly named tom, not thomas. The only clues that the orphanage workers (like mrs.

Part 2 of the boy he failed. Home characters riddle family tom riddle sr. He abandoned his wife merope (who was then pregnant with tom) after her love potion wore off and he found out she was a witch and the daughter of the man he described as the local tramp.

The only way voldemort (tom jr) would’ve had something resembling a good life is if merope was not in the picture.

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