I mean he was just a much more realistic villain. The transformation into his monstrous state is believed to have been the result of creating his horcruxes and becoming less human as he continued to divide his.

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He never saw his mother ever in his life, his mother merope gaunt, who was the successor of the notable salazar slytherin, fell in love with a rich muggle of her village, tom riddle sr.

Tom riddle to lord voldemort transformation. While tom riddle was young, he was always described as a handsome young man, until he became lord voldemort. Because *makani rawks and sheeee drew this. I think it was the first genuine birthday or christmas present he’d ever received, one that came with no strings attached, only intense.

Voldemort had resurfaced after having gone missing for ten years, immediately following the murder of hepzibah smith circa 1946. Learning about the young tom riddle was like watching a documentary about the makings of a serial killer. And by her magic, she tricked him into loving her.

Their role as tom riddle gave fans a chance to see the dramatic transformation between the young wizard and his nightmarish future self first hand. As his soul was no longer whole,. I considered the possibility that tom bought it himself, but in cos it says that the first date is january 1st, and tom would have never gone to the orphanage for christmas.

But i wanted it to be all coloured and red eyes like that and evil and yeah. Maybe a casual acquaintance who met tom while shopping at borgin and burkes would have a hard time identifying tom riddle after his transformation, but hagrid, an (ex)schoolmate and later a hogwarts gamekeeper was more likely to recognise lord voldemort as tom, the slytherin prefect who got an award for reporting hagrid for the crime he didn't commit and causing his expulsion. Ralph fiennes had to undergo a radical transformation to become tom riddle, from his appearance to his mannerisms to his costume, so for all of.

Left his wife soon after. I’m not sure about this one, but i have the sneaking suspicion that the diary was tom riddle’s first gift. Tom marvolo riddle aka lord voldemort 33 the life of tom marvolo riddle 33 the transformation into lord voldemort 35 the rise and fall of lord voldemort.

The first and foremost reason for the transformation of tom marvolo riddle to lord voldemort is that he never felt what is love. The thought was basically punishment for a crime. The moment he decided to divide his soul into multiple pieces, it also began his physical transformation.

I think tom riddle actually made my skin crawl (pardon the pun) a lot more than lord voldemort. July 13, 2020—when we meet the tom riddle of 1943 in chamber of secrets, he’s a charming, handsome boy of sixteen whose face masks the evil within. I only did the painting.

When we meet him in 1992, on the back of another man’s head, his face is “chalk white with glaring red eyes and slits for nostrils, like a snake.”. A crime that was grea. This was a common practice in the ancient egypt and even you may find similar technic in the anciant greek era and i faintly remember one occurance in the roman republic era….

He was the son of wealthy muggle tom riddle sr., and witch merope gaunt, who died shortly after childbirth.he was the heir of salazar slytherin and was ordered to finish his work.

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