He was quite tall for his age, while that little mudblood was at least eight inches shorter, so he could take a look at the top of her head. This is a story about a girl destined for greatness and a boy who is close to making all the wrong choices.

[Draco x Harry] Đứa trẻ này là ai? Dìm sương sương1

Read tinny (tom riddle/ginny weasley) from the story do i ship?

Tom riddle x ginny wattpad. By lost_in_a_stereo with 2,838 reads. Silly little witches have no right to try to manipulate the great tom riddle. Tom riddle was nothing if not suited to drama.

Tom riddle is a frightening coil of darkness, cruelty, and greatness, and changing him is harry’s only hope for saving people he loves. After who knows how long of feeling so numb, waking up as tom riddle is going to change things. Boredom can actually make people do very weird things, really.

Going back in time, he takes tom from the orphanage, but his optimism shatters with every year they spend together. Future stories i want to work on. I do not own harry potter or any of its characters, i only own melissa it was her first lesson;

Tom still longs for darkness. When the battle in the department of mysteries heads south harry finds herself flung backwards in time to 1942 where tom riddle is a prefect in his fifth year. But he had lost her due to his love for the da.

Fem!harry potter by lotus0017 with 8,363 reads. Fate really does have a weird sense of humor. The only thing she remembers about ginny weasley is meeting her in the library.the school was getting more and more dangerous.

Set during tom riddle's 7th year at hogwarts, in which he meets a witch with an interesting connection. Somehow she catches the attention of the school prodigy and bully, tom riddle. He had done the one thing everyone thought he wasn't capable of.

You finally decided to find out who tom really was. Tom riddle's search for power will lead him to alina. Tom riddle had only ever loved on person in his life time, he had only ever cared for one person.

Tom riddle harry potter fanfiction time travel. Humor romance tom riddle fluffy harry potter. All of this was before he was feared by many, before he was known as voldermort.

On the second day of school, he flattens dudley and piers in the middle of the school cafeteria. It was in everything he did, so far as she could tell, that particular flair and sense of style that had been his even since his own days as a student. Surprisingly, he was in hogwarts:

The power of love [tom riddle x reader] that filthy muggle. A history under one of the best students of his decade. You weren’t feeling safe anymore, knowing that sooner or later it.

(y/n) (y/l/n) an innocent, naive girl that’s working for the ministry of magic, about to meet the man she has been running from for years. Her [hair colour] locks rested on her. Read tom riddle x harry from the story harry potter characters react to ships by yoongiluvly (<3) with 4,908 reads.

It's a damn shame that harry doesn't. Ginny is an auror, tasked with tracking down the dark wizard voldemort as he rises. Ultimately, destiny will have different fates for both of them.

What happens when she gets sent on another mission, having to live on the same street as tom riddle and his muggle wife, surveilling him, keeping him from going to. Both alone, they will form a special bond over the darkness that dwells in each other. Tom’s head leant down as his lips met [m/n]’s in a chaste kiss, [m/n]’s arms wrapping around tom’s neck as he played with the tiny curls in his hair.

You frowned as you looked at the year. Read tom riddle, the basilisk and ginny weasley from the story watching their movies: After a series of events in flourish and blotts prevented lucius malfoy from giving the diary to ginny weasley, he entrusts his son to give the diary to her instead.

Tom riddle looked down at (and on) the shorter girl in front of him, as they were walking down the stairs. Harry has all the reasons in the world to stay far, far away from him. This is in no way to be taken seriously, written purely from a crazy dream i had!

However, no one seemed to know anyone by the name of tom riddle. The dungeons were pretty creepy but the mood in the classroom was still excitable. He's unusually taken with the small girl and expresses his interest in the only way he knows how.

You were clueless until you went to the library, searching for his name. New student tom riddle is handsome, charming, and dangerous. Read tominny(tom x ginny) from the story harry potter characters react to ships by kawaiicatgirl19 with 788 reads.

Lily is extremely socially awkward and clumsy so hogwarts is a minefield of disaster to her. Draco, overcome with curiosity, instead keeps the book to examine, and soon becomes heavily enchanted with the. Several muggleborn students were already in infirmary, completely paralyzed and terrified.

Tom riddle, a man, a myth, a murderer. Tom stifles him in his possessiveness.

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