Tom riddle x sister reader lemon; With the war looking bleak, the golden trio, ginny, draco, and lavender go back to tom riddle's 7th year to destroy lord voldemort once and for all.

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Hermione starts off with her love for the old harry, but wants the new harry's intoxicating power and sex.

Tom riddle x hermione lemon fanfiction. I never imagined i could get that many. Hermione looked like a female version of tom riddle. Fairyring fanfiction hermione granger hpmor wiki fandom 4 dark harry potter fanfictions that will leave you horrified fanfic recs 12 best harry potter fanfiction stories to read in 2020 harry potter hobbylark s and hobbies.

Hermione felt harry shift beside her, and she knew he was probably annoyed that slughorn was praising her and blatantly ignoring him as usual. Harry potter looked up at hermione and ron. Hermione felt heat rise to her cheeks as professor riddle's eyes fell on her once more.

Fate decides to play with harry’s life again, giving him a chance at a family but with the most shocking father for his child. That harry is truly dark, and he wants hermione because of her devotion, loyalty, potentials, and sex. Mystery/adventure where a great deal of necromancy is employed, riddle's acting skills are stretched to their limits and muggle methods are used to track.

Lily and james alive, no bwl, no bashing (probably). Wow this is an extremely long summary! The best of the best;

Luna later joins them for similar reasons. During his enchantment tom riddle jr. Cloud_hermione_chapter 22 for your contest.

However there was just one small problem, hermione wants him dead. I really appreciate you checking this out! He was slightly smiling and he raised one elegant eyebrow at her.

It was quite a mystery. The riddle twins ch 1, harry potter. Great stories between hermione and a slytherin bad boy. hermione's men include but are not limited to:

Will be more detailed when he hits 5th year where actual relationship between harry and tom starts. Gradually, tom marvolo riddle discovers all the sides to obsessive insanity when he meets his year mate harry potter. Voldemort's mother used a love potion to have a muggle, tom riddle fall in love with her.

Tom riddle looked down at (and on) the shorter girl in front of him, as they were walking down the stairs. Entirely innocent of all things dark, he is quickly introduced to a world of magic, cruelty, and pain. A twins understanding ch 1, harry potter;

Harry potter is the son of tom riddle pamela mishaud wattpad. Minister for magic tom riddle has a family and a position of immense political power, and he must adapt to the responsibility that comes with both. Harry potter fanfiction hermione and snape lemon.

Draco, severus, lucius, fenrir, blaise, tom riddle/ voldemort, etc. Tom riddle is cursed to die within a few years, but with the help of hermione's love, she could break the curse. And percy weasley, percy x oliver wood, charlie x neville, bill x harry, theodore nott x draco, pansy, and hermione, tomione, tom riddle x harry, b.c.

He's unusually taken with the small girl and expresses his interest in the only way he knows how. I've written fanfiction with tom x oc pairings, and am also working on a tom x ginny fic. Lord voldemort cared for no one, not even when he was just tom marvolo riddle, he couldn't give a damn about love.

They knew one was here, but they did not know why. Alright harry would have been born a riddle! Humor romance tom riddle fluffy harry potter.

Malfoys mate harry and draco veela lemon fanfiction [request] harry potterxsister hpfanfiction; “miss (y/l/n), please come with me” he said. Jr., and lucius malfoy, lucius x snape, barty x peter.

Harry potter forget reader insert lord voldemort tom marvolo riddle tom riddle x reader. The power of love [tom riddle x reader] that filthy muggle. What hermione didn't count on, however, is a shared common room, a curse, and a crazy little thing called love.

Stories range from light hermione to dark hermione, in hogwarts relationship to out of hogwarts relationship, time travel, pureblood hermione, etc. Harry potter twin sister lemon fanfiction; So why could he never forget you.

Her [hair colour] locks rested on her. I love writing and also want to improve my writing, so check out my. Tom riddle fanfictions (🍋smut) fanfiction i always had a weird thing for tom riddle (not so much without the nose tho 🙂 ) and i know there are some out there just like me , so i wanted to make a easier way to find them and not search through thousands.

Tom riddle and the horrors of numengrad: Lily is extremely socially awkward and clumsy so hogwarts is a minefield of disaster to her. Set near the end of ww2, riddle explores the magical world and discovers the legend of the deathly hallows along with the possibility of using magic.

So riddle will do anything it takes to gain his enemy's affection. Tom riddle fanfiction i'm harrypotterlover317 on, and i write fanfiction about tom riddle. Blaise zabini x ginny weasley.

Tom riddle, alpha and minister of magic, takes on an omega in an attempt further his bloodline. So this is the castle of the (y/l/n) family, she said. they where hunting horcruxes. He was quite tall for his age, while that little mudblood was at least eight inches shorter, so he could take a look at the top of her head.

Never forget (tom riddle x reader) completed march 16, 2015 cornish pasty. Thank you so so much for 1,000+ views! Jun 19, 2021 chapter 1:the twins are born.

Somehow she catches the attention of the school prodigy and bully, tom riddle.

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