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One night as she’s walking through the dungeons, after curfew.

Tom riddle x reader birthday. It has a lot of chapters (i think 20+). The riddles (tom riddle x fem!reader x tom riddle sr) summary: They could harm and terrorize and badger every single person in the castle that they wanted, but unless they wanted to be found in the dungeons either petrified or with their skin turned.

She’s an outcast, quiet, and doesn’t have many friends, she spends most of her time alone. Riddle~ (mattheo riddle) by charleee22 96.3k 2.1k 43 voldemort, the one person you're supposed to hate, to fear him. In this fanfic, harry potter travels back in time to wool’s orphanage as a baby and everyone thinks his birthday is in october.

A prophecy stated how the boy will rule them all, even causing lord voldemort's fall. The dark lord therefore decides to kidnap the infant, dropping him off with servants on an island far from the wizardry world, and more importantly; I wake up with a quiet gasp, my eyes bolting open to meet the dead of night.

Tom riddle x reader v2: “i haven’t gotten the letter yet, so technically i don’t know if i’ll get in, but my parents said it will come on my eleventh birthday.” “i’m sure it will.” he had barely finished his last word when elsie asked the next thing. Thinking about this makes you a bit sad.

Tom riddle x reader i walked through the corridors of hogwarts, silently moaning to myself about how the first years kept getting in my way and how i would love to push them all out the way; I will finish the old story when i finish this one. It’s a harry potter x tom riddle fanfic.

Hogwarts x reader hogwarts incorrect quotes hogwarts incorrect quotes imagine incorrect reader oliver wood x reader oliver wood. “when’s your birthday?” “31st december”, he answered. Tom invited his girlfriend to spend the holidays with him at his father’s house in little hangleton.

They sit there side by side. It might have similar event occuring as the. However, that's not the truth.

This makes me very happy. Agent (edwin jarvis x reader) jealous (jack thompson x reader) comfort (jack thompson x reader) that man hates me (jack thompson x. (draco malfoy x reader) a time travel fiasco pt.

But his son is the one your heart desires most. — draco malfoy smut (dracox reader) hogwarts writing. It isn’t working (lucille sharpe x reader) she didn’t, but i will (lucille sharpe x reader) but it’s my birthday (lucille sharpe x reader)

Soft snores fill the silent room. Harry isn't able to get a valentine, and tom i have never known the touch of another riddle is forced to comfort him. All is fair in love and war (pietro maximoff x reader) harry potter.

Sane voldemort (harry potter) summary. Tom was starting to deliver kisses from your shoulder up to your neck, letting you take a good look at the one in front of a mirror where he had you riding him, facing the mirror. 2 (tom riddle x reader) too late (cormac mclaggen x reader) a time travel fiasco pt.

Y/n lives in small apartment.her routine is the same.wake breakfast.go to lunch.come back from work.write a letter to her friend/write in her journal.go to gets rather boring. [y/n] was getting anxious because it would be the very first time for her to meet tom riddle sr. This imagine is a mixture of two different requests!

Good boy (tom, jake, reader. “one shot with a muggleborn slytherin girl and draco. The birthday surprise (neville longbottom x reader) hope from a friend (draco malfoy x reader) a thank you gift (ron weasley x reader).

She didn’t, but i will (lucille sharpe x reader) but it’s my birthday (lucille sharpe x reader) but you love me (lucille sharpe x reader) agent carter. It says “happy 18th birthday, lee. This is a different storyline from the first, i decided to freeze the other storyline with tom x reader to write this one because i was not very satisfied with the old story's result.

I also couldn’t help myself with the gilmore girl reference. Happy birthday to me..she lays down on her bed and tries to sleep. Tom riddle x female!reader prompt:

3 (harry potter x reader) this moment (sirius black x reader) the. You should smile more often (draco malfoy x reader) monster in me (tom riddle x reader) i don’t (tom riddle x reader) crimson peak. Harry potter disappears one day, murdered by lord voldemort they say.

Reader fred weasley x reader cedric diggory x reader draco malfoy x reader lucius malfoy x reader neville longbottom x reader tom riddle x reader newt scamander x reader ginny weasley x reader remus lupin x reader sirius black x reader james sirius potter x reader james potter x reader lily evans x reader severus. Stranded in the past, voldemort once again comes to the conclusion he's the only one he truly needs. There was just a constant wave of them and i had just about had enough.

A strange man adopts tom riddle and it is not his father, as tom desperately wants to believe. Your real perants never did this, they stopped remembering your birthday after you moved out of the house. Sharing a birthday (page 206) losing a loved one on the same day (page 207) having the same kind of accident on the same day (page 208) experimentation with love potions (page 209) being bitten by the same specimen of the ‘french leech’ (page 210)” you turned back to tom, asking him:

“what’s your favourite subject?” “um… defence against the dark arts, i think,” tom said. Tom doesn’t quite know what that strange feeling is inside his chest. Your birthday is next week, so you cannot really blame him for asking you this, you certainly feel grateful that he has inquired of you.

“this one was on your birthday” you stated, pointing at the one were you were bouncing on him, tom’s hands on your breasts. Harry potter tom riddle draco malfoy please we all know draco would not last a second also he's too much of a coward to ever try.

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