Kill the pixie then use wile to put the piece on the platform. 3 is just after passing the first blue fires.

LEGO Harry Potter Freeing Dobby (4736) >>> Click image to

Your foe, myrtle, will attack you as you try to find a way to eliminate hearts from her life meter, which begins with four full.

Tom riddle's diary lego harry potter crest. Use your lumos magic to make them recede, then attach the doors that are lying on the floor. This guide will show you how to achieve 100 completion on lego harry potter. It lists all the minifigures on one side and a few of the harder to construct oes on the reverse.

When you reach gringotts bank, go right to the back of the entrance hall and use reducto on the metal padlock locking the gate. You need to hit 9 glowing lamps. House crest 2 (01:12, 02:04):

4) hit the pistons to find a shacking brick. Hit it with a spell to free him. 1) defeat moaning mytle by using wingardium leviosa to throw debris back at her.

2 is just past the red dragon. Once you’re in the first corridor, head right to the front of the screen to find a locked chest. When you reach the large crate, switch to fang.

Page 5 of the full game walkthrough for lego harry potter: This post contains a complete list of all 50 students in peril and how to help them. Blast it open for the crest.

Tom riddle's diary[/ame] follow the spiders They have scanned the insert which accompanies it and shared it with us. The team over at promobricks have been lucky enough to find the new lego harry potter series 2 cmf out in the wild.

Hit her when she appears. 2) get the potion ingredients. 1 is right beside the start.

This promotional item was given out at vip and press premieres of harry potter and the chamber of secrets in 2002. Use harry's invisibility cloak to sneak past the dragon's thrashing tail. Do this four times in total.

This video will show you all the crest locations in year 2 “tom riddle’s diary”. Get the two boards and put them on the pillars to the right. Basilisk fang and tom riddle s diary by the noble collection in 2020 tom riddle diary harry potter toms harry potter tattoos.

Jump onto the plunger then clean five puddles on the floor. Pull the chain on the left, assemble the plunger ( wl ), jump onto it and clean six stains on the floor. This guide will show you how to earn all of the achievements.

Switch to harry, shoot the plant in the way, and go all the way to the tree blocking the way, then wl the brown pad on your left. 9 is after you go down the walkway from those stacking pieces. During the epic chase at the end, destroy 5 cages to get the gryfindor crest piece.

Ride the plunger around the room to remove all 5 water puddles. This will bring out a couple of frogs. Head left from the cauldron and there are some vines in front of a partial cabinet.

Lego harry potter tom riddle s diary 12 youtube tom. Once you’re in the diary, there are six golden knights to destroy. 5) place the ingredients into the cauldron.

On the first flashback room, head to the far right and have hermione solve the puzzle cabinet. Moaning myrtle will start throwing stuff at you. You can return the item for any reason in new and unused.

After the cutscene, you'll travel back into the past. (i recommend having invincibility and crest detector on). The hogwarts trunk includes a slytherin scarf, tom riddle’s diary, a feather quill in a red bag and an ink jar.

They’re all easy to spot in the first area. Dig the area just right of the dragon's eye and pull the chain in the tunnel. Destroy all ten for the crest.

By head_fish on june 2, 2011 lego harry potter: 1 defeat moaning mytle by using wingardium leviosa to throw debris back at her. When the gate is open, use a strong character to pull the lever and the dragon will disappear, leaving the crest.

Throughout hogwarts there are 50 students who need your help. The crest will appear after removing the fifth puddle. Use a character with a book to solve puzzle on the bookshelf, then use the gained key on the shelf in the middle on the corridor to save a student in peril.

Tom riddle's diary this stage takes place in the ladies' restroom. Clear the vines as you go to the right, then shoot the web overhead, before reaching the pixie (3/10). Home > games > lego harry potter:

022 tom riddle s diary harry potter lego sets lego harry potter lego. The trunk is 12 x 7 x 10. Use wingardium leviosa magic to catch them and knock open the doors.

One crest is from throwing the goblins, one from digging up and launching the carrots, one is inside the box in the shop, jump in to the box and use a dark wizard to destroy the ball in the hidden underground bit and one is found in the alley after exiting the store, a dark wizard again is needed to. In the slytherin dungeon, throw three fish into the water using ( wl ). 4 is near the green dragon you put the sleep.

Jump on it and use wile again on another board to jump across. Inside the slytherin common room, use ( wl) on the six lamps. 3) shoot all six armours that are in the room to reveal the red crest piece.

Don't forget to shoot the web to the lower left. 5 and 6 are both right after the second blue fires. Here is a complete guide to getting through tom riddle's diary.

7 is near the blue dragon. Destroy all six for the crest. Use wingardium leviosa to destroy the 3 flower bunches.

The diary the first time tom riddle s name was mentioned was in harry potter and the chamber of secrets when harry and ron found a diary with the name t. When all green blobs have gone, the crest will appear. 8 is on the walkway right before the stackable lego pieces.

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