Lego harry potter 71028 collectible minifigures series 2. Use wingardium leviosa magic to catch them and knock open the doors.

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Tom riddle used his diary notebook to invisibly store all of his secrets and memories.

Tom riddle's diary lego harry potter part 2. Shoot the last radio here to unlock the green. Harry potter and the chamber of secrets promotional hogwarts trunk, slytherin scarf, tom riddle diary, quill and ink. This guide will show you how to achieve 100% completion on lego harry potter:

This stage takes place in the ladies' restroom. Tom riddle s diary part 1 lego harry potter wiki guide ign. It was the first horcrux he ever made and was used as a weapon.3 before lord.

Two can be found in the first part of the location; Riddle's diary6 was a simple blank diary, which tom riddle transformed into a horcrux. Now you can be part of the wizarding world using the slytherin house invisible ink pen to write into tom riddle's diary and.

The hogwarts trunk includes a slytherin scarf, tom riddle’s diary, a feather quill in a red bag and an ink jar. Tom riddle's diary notebook, pen and uv mini wand. The items you'll find here are harry potter and fantastic beasts replicas, books, movies, figures, toys and video games.

After the cutscene, you'll travel back into the past. Moaning myrtle with tom riddle’s diary (new printed part, including diary text) luna lovegood with her lion head hat (new. Excited, harry loaded up his quill a second time and wrote, ‘my name is harry potter.’

This promotional item was given out at vip and press premieres of harry potter and the chamber of secrets in 2002. Jump down and place the footholds on the wall so you can jump to the upper part. Lego year 2010 harry potter series battle scene set 4736 freeing dobby with small doorway spiders flames and tom riddle s diar free dobby lego tom riddle

Harry potter database is a guide to help harry potter fans and collectors to find items they would like to collect. Switch to ron and enter the pipeline as scabbers. Approach the painting in the left part of the bathroom and use magic on it.

With a release date of 1 september, we have now finally got official high resolution pictures of the new lego harry potter collectible minifigures series 2. Tom riddles diary head left from the cauldron and there are some vines in front of a partial cabinet. Do this four times in total.

Lego harry potter is a magical game for the ps3 starring everybody's favorite lego wizard. And you'll help a student in peril. Tom riddle's diary hogwarts crests.

Two more after the cutscene and the last one after jumping off the cliff, right on. Moaning myrtle will start throwing stuff at you. The goal of this site is to organize most of the harry potter items that collectors would be interested in.

The diary is pierced with the basilisk fang. The diary was made into a horcrux in 1943, during riddle's sixth year at hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. Hit her when she appears.

Lego harry potter series 2 moaning myrtle & tom riddle’s diary and extra blue spongy cape,& tom riddle’s diary and extra blue spongy cape lego harry potter series 2 moaning myrtle,lego harry potter series 2 moaning myrtle & tom riddle’s diary and extra blue spongy cape,online promotion,get cheap goods online,save even more with free pickup + discount. Your foe, myrtle, will attack you as you try to find a way to eliminate hearts from her life meter, which begins with four full. You'll cause nearby blocks to fall.

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