Clearly, higbee embry and john riddle had bigger plans. To me the biggest pros are (1) it is not a research university, so the faculty is there to teach (i.e., as an ug you are not an impediment to their research), and (2) everyone there is passionate about aviation.

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Why is the dropout rate so high in embry riddle aeronautical university?

Why is embry riddle so expensive. If you were to combine both prescott and daytona students, it amounts to $179 million* in tuition fees. The incoming freshmen class has very high numbers, but the high tuition and rigorous programs cause a lot of people to either transfer out or drop out. They were entrepreneurs after all, and like every businessman, profit is.

The incoming freshmen class has very high numbers, but the high tuition and rigorous programs cause a lot of people to either transfer out or drop out. To calculate future costs, we looked at the prior five years of data and determined that this cost increased an average of 2.5% each year. Others who apply from less structured programs don't adapt so quickly and they don't get hired until they have significantly more time and experience.

Its way too expensive and the dorms should be better maintained. Air force than any other institution in the nation except the u.s. They spend huge amounts of money on advertising which could be a contributing factor to as why they cost twice as much as the number one aviation college in the united states.

It works pretty much like any other college. As commercial aviation got going in the 1920s and 1930s, radio equipment became standard in airplanes, first for communications and then for navigation—especially in poor weather. I would say it's a great school.

Riddle has pros and cons, like every school. It's a smaller school, so over time you get to know a lot of students. Embry riddle looks like a great school, but doing a little research brings up lots of negative things about the price.

Everyone had hyped the school up so much. The aircraft is 99 feet long and has two general electric t408 engines capable of producing 7500 horsepower and a maximum. The engineers i've worked with from embry riddle were solid and i dont think the place should be getting all the hate it is.

We prescott students pay approximately $59.5 million* a year. I am a 31 year retired controller who also worked at the faa academy in okc. Why is the dropout rate so high in embry riddle aeronautical university?

The school is set in a great location and the class sizes are small, but i believe that the only reason riddle is so. You go to embry riddle to get a degree in aeronautical engineering, not aeronautical science or aviation degree or to get your cfi. If you go to their website they will have more information then i would.

Leo i consider that the worst thing about my school is that is very expensive, because you need to take loans (with high interest rate), so for a student like me, without a wealthy condition, it's complicated to find money for college. He is also usually an in the closet homosexual. I felt like i was a king being accepted and having the “privilege” to attend such a highly rated university.

Students may lose a scholarship, others may determine that erau just isn’t going to provide the subject area education that they truly want. What is the most expensive helicopter in the world? Our experience with embry riddle students was very disappointing.

Anyways, i heard that the price is bad and the flight classes don’t even help because of the low hours. Embry riddle is too damn expensive. I'll tell you the same.

I hear lots of the word scam when it comes to this school, which is sad because i was really looking forward to coming here. However, doing so will help better prepare you for the financial commitment you are making. The average embry riddle student is a male, very preppy kid from a rich family that believes he and his univeristy is the best even when all the statistics say otherwise.

It's expensive, but you get what you pay for. The estimated cost of attendance (coa) expenses include tuition, fees, books, supplies, room and board, and the student's living costs while attending school. I'm always able to get the answer or help i need from staff and administration in a timely manner.

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