The riddler cage is on a rooftop near the second pad. Jump through the glass window at the end of the first corridor.

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One is at the end of that subway tunnel behind the last subway car, and the other i don't even see.

Wonder city timed riddler trophy. After using the vent to go to the right side and after defeating the cops there will be a poster of the riddler. In the lyrics, lead singer nicholas matthews hurls sarcastic lines at a toxic significant other, accompanied by whirling guitar riffs and violent drums. At the top of each set it a group of cops.

To the east of the room with the three riddler trophies (what starts with a tick and ends with a shock?) there are two riddler trophies that i can not access; Listen to leroy soto sarcasm mp3 song. Prepare to fire the line again at a perpendicular angle to the first as soon as you can.

Direct him to the panel to get the trophy. East of trophy 1 on the roof near a wall with five riddler question marks on the wall. Locate the crane's engine using the detective mode #1 and use the electrical charge on it.

But the trick is that you don't always need the mine disruptor to get the trophy. The trophy is underwater, at the spot with the green sign to be precise #1. Complete the row to unlock one of catwoman's interview tapes.

Just behind that hot air is another riddler trophy. Go ahead and experiment to see which ones those are.? Quickly when entering the collapsed streets, look for a grapple point up above after the stream of hot air.

You move the robot to one switch, you stand on another on top of a ledge, and you have to hit 4 switches in 3 seconds. The one in the railroad car requires you to hit several ? Now gain momentum and slide underneath the partially raised gate #2 which will let you reach the trophy room.

Head to the left from the ledge to arrive on the top of a familiar room in wonder city. In order to reach the trophy, you need to have the freeze blast. I'm having a really hard time with this one.

Arkham city on the xbox 360, a gamefaqs message board topic titled wonder avenue timed riddler trophy. After getting inside the building, stand in front of the chamber with nora fries, beside which mister freeze should be (screen above). Really can't figure this one out.

Help with riddler trophy under penitence bridge. Near catwoman's apartment east of the courthouse look for a trophy in a cage. Use explosive gel to destroy a portion of the floor.

Here i'd heavily reccomend to do the combat challenges first as they are easier than predator challenges, which has a 3 medal variety. Riddler mines keep resupplying themselves. The basic problem here is that you won't be able to touch any other objects and ground elements.

Activate the panel to create electric current above water. Starting from the top of the first building near the destroyed overpass, glide from the pressure pad down to the pad below. And the riddles i haven't actually tried the traps that riddler has, but most of the trophy ones are pretty easy you just need the.

From there, look right and glide down to the third and final pad in the alleyway nearby. The solution to this puzzle can be found inside storage warehouse 5b where you should head only after completing heart of ice. Here it will turn out that the trophy is inside a cage #2 and in order to open it you have to land on three nearby pressure plates.

I'm voting on a 9 only for the fact that doing it on hard is harder than the first one i think especially fighting the armed criminals. Stand beside the locked gate #1, choose the remote electrical charge and shoot at the engine above you. Use the riddler to graffiti the poster.

Once they've been taken care of, charge up the riddler generator to reveal a cage with a riddler bot. Switch puzzles, you can try quick throwing a. Ozzyman314 5 years ago #1.

Approach the trophy from the west. On a roof west of courthouse. Use the remote controlled batarang to destroy the riddler mark.

On the building north of ace chemicals, behind a ventilation system. The trophy is obtained by using the trap door on the underside of the cage. This riddler trophy is in the lower streets, very near #7.

If timed properly, the riddler cage below will open up. This is the most brutal part of batman: Afterwards crouch and reach the trophy #2.

Riddler trophies are small green objects shaped like a question mark, and are often hiding in secluded areas, or behind destructible walls. Shoot at the pipe from which steam is coming out #1 and seal it. In order to reach the trophy, it's best to start off north of the museum building and search for a balustrade which you can jump over and then reach the lower level #1.

When the room is clear hack the console on the central elevator and enter. Batman is back in wonder city. For those kinds of timed ?

Stop the air and gain access to the trophy. After reuniting with fiona wilson clear the next room to proceed through wonder city. Riddler trophies can be found nestled in a stroller, hidden inside a small nook that's accessible only by sliding under a crevice, and another that.

In 1 or 2 of the mazes batman can actually go around the mines. Riddles are verbal puzzles given by. You unfortunately can't obtain it with the freeze blast, so turn towards the nearby crane #2.

Use the previously inaccessible main door (screen above).

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