As an all around gravel tire, wtb has hit a. This is not a tire for everyone or for every condition.

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I went and road this during a heavy downpour and the tires worked incredible in these lower sandy turns btw.

Wtb riddler review. A riddler for the rear and a trail boss for the. Wtb's riddler is a great tire, at home at a gravel race or on a bike that sees a mixture of trails, dirt roads, and tarmac. The riddlers are a fast, fairly stable, and pretty decent riding tire.

Wtb often get a bad rep for super tight fitting rubber, but these were a breeze. Wtb has a winner on their hands with this riddler 37mm tire. Overall, the wtb raddler tyres are a fast, grippy, and reliable gravel bike tyre.

Available in tan or black sidewalls. The wtb riddler tire is a benchmark gravel tire for 700c wheelsets. Overall, the 45c riddler is delivering on wtb’s claims of fast rolling, stable handling and confident cornering.

Wtb has been on a tear the past couple years, releasing all kinds of new products. The tyres slipped on the test rims with nothing more than a pair of strong thumbs and inflated with just a track pump. The tire held traction in the turns and had no issues crushing over the rocks.

As a refresher, the riddler is an awesome wtb tire with a tightly packed short knob centerline and bigger side lugs for cornering grip. The rubber compound and tread works very well in dry and hardpack, but a sudden rain storm or sticky, damp trails can leave the riddler feeling less planted. The wtb riddler is a gravel tyre aimed at drier, faster trails, and this sg2 version features an updated 120tpi casing and a full puncture protection layer.

Wtb riddler 700 x 37 gravel tires > join the conversation. Four stars taking into account the casing breach, but five stars for wtb customer service and the performance of the tire otherwise. The riddler is intended as a fast rolling rear tire, but with more aggressive side knobs to complement use with a more aggressive front tire.

They deal well with a wide range of terrain types, and they can withstand challenging obstacles and potential punctures. By aaron chamberlain november 6, 2015. Setting up both sizes of the wtb raddler proved to be a doddle.

The 45c riddler is an awesome gravel adventure tire. 4.0 out of 5 stars great tire for the price! Next up i don't know whether to run the donnley(clement's) xplor mso's 700 x 40 until they wear out or get a mud tire set up as a spare set of wheels/tires for the rides i go to as you never know.

As good as the riddler is, there were those who felt it wore out too quickly, and/or didn’t offer enough grip in wet conditions. Wtb’s casing has excellent conformity (which may also help it roll so well), but there’s a point where the carcass. Rows of small central knobs are matched with more aggressive ones on the shoulders.

And wait till you see the 45mm one! It has become very popular across the pond, so i felt it was time to give it a decent test over here. They are not “best” in some characteristics when i compare them to others in this class, but they are definitely above average and rise to the top in a couple of areas.

Lower down it floated its way over the sand without issue. They seem to be wearing well with continued use, and for their retail price they offer good value for money. Campbell on september 23, 2018.

Available in 37 and 45 mm versions, the riddler allows for a high level of versatility. The tread pattern makes this tire ideal for hard surfaces such as asphalt, hardpack, and gravel. I tested the 2.4 inch width 650b / 27.5 inch version with the tough casing and fast rolling rubber.

This promised fast rolling as well as grip. Aggressive cornering knobs meet a fast centerline, making for a tire that carries speed into the turns yet corners like it means it. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for wtb riddler light fast rolling tire, 700x37cm at

Aaron chamberlain supporter november 6, 2015. With two sizes on offer, riders can pick the tire that fits their bike and also play with adding a bit more tire up front. Next the specifics of the wtb riddler.

Today we’re looking at the wtb 700×45 riddlers and the wtb 700×44 raddlers.the respective names are separated only by a single vowel so for the sake of making this easier to read we will lower case the riddler and uppercase the raddler. Riddlers roll faster, are wider and get a little loose. Raddlers grip more, are smaller, ride harsher.

Wtb raddler 700x40c tire features: The wtb riddler is a gravel bike tire with low knobs in the middle and a row of aggressive big knobs on the side. 2 of our favorite tires.

More aggressive lugs than the beloved riddler. The wtb riddler did well on this sand filled trail when it was wet. The raddler 44 and 40 both ran slightly smaller than labeled when i mounted them on a 25mm internal width rim.

Wtb riddler 27.5″ tire review. The tyre’s mtb heritage is obvious. Here the narrowest tire in the test field succeeded in convincing all of our test riders.

Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. I thought i would give them a try after the review i read in the link i posted above. Described as a “fast gravel tire, with a mountain bike soul”, wtb’s new raddler is effectively a more aggressive version of the riddler, with a taller center.

Wtb riddler 27.5 tire review; In our experience, wtb tire dimensions run nearly true to size. The wtb riddler 700x45c is the gravel incarnation of the mtb tyre of the same name.

We stopped by their booth at the 2015 sea otter classic to check out the new wares, and will from wtb sent me home with a pair of tires to try out: The tire from the us brand scored well in the laboratory rolling resistance and puncture test, but the biggest surprise came when we took it out into the real world.

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