I've ridden a variety of tires and have 5 bikes (mtb (x2), cargo, gravel (x2)), so i have a little bit of experience to be able to suss out some differences. I’m now running soma cazadero 650b tyres which are better in every dept than the gravel kings and he byways where i’m riding.

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Panaracer gravelking sk vs the competition.

Wtb riddler vs gravel king sk. The bon jon's are very fast on pavement and handle most of the unpaved roads i usually ride quite well. Our results show that the gravelking sk is made from the same materials as the regular gravelking. I found the riddler and gk both better than the nano fwiw.

In my opinion, the riddler has a better corner bite on dirt, has a touch more stability in looser gravel, but it also has a few areas where it just doesn’t quite do what a resolute can. So i own a set of resolutes for the loose/wet stuff and pair of gravel kings for the better days. Stay tuned for the “at the finish” update coming in a couple of weeks.

Wtb riddler tcs light/fast rolling 700 x 37c. These are the things that separate the two tires and would be why i would pick the resolute over the riddler for what i tend to do most with my gravel rigs. Conti cross28 (160 gr) conti cross28 (160 gr) measured width:

8 great gravel bikes from nahbs 2018; Panaracer gravelking sk tlc 700 x 43c. The panaracer gravel king sk tubeless tires were a fail or meh for me on nearly every measure.

In this upcoming post i will draw a comparison to wtb’s other big gravel tire, the riddler 45. The challenge gravel grinder is one of the most supple gravel tyres you can buy, and it's pretty light too at 365g in the 700x38mm size. Rolling resistance real tire width in mm:

And for example, in the same test, the panaracer gravel king sk tested only 19.5 watts. Wtb raddler 700 x 40 or 44 gravel tyres. Rolling resistance real tire width in mm:

Rediculously loose bead, very round profile, low volume, knobs tear off, and endless punctures. I can compare these against the clement mso 700×40 (tubed), schwalbe thunder burt 29×2.1, panaracer gravel king sk 700×40, and specialized sawtooth 700×42 (last 4 tubeless with orange seal). All other test results are almost the same.

The raddler is their latest development. Weighing 487 g the panaracer is amongst the heavier tires in. The tire from the us brand scored well in the laboratory rolling resistance and puncture test, but the biggest surprise came when we took it out into the real world.

The gk's aren't quite as fast on pavement, but give me some security on lose gravel and sand. As expected, the rolling resistance is higher because the sk has a more aggressive tread pattern than the regular gravelking that is nearly a slick tire. Reminiscent of tetris, the knobs line up symmetrically.

When it comes to gravel tyres, wtb have been at the forefront of the scene since the early days. Out on the gravel trails of northumberland, as well as back on the chalk downs of the isle of wight, the panaracer gravel king sk tyres have performed superbly. On my scale, the byways.

The walls of the 35mm wide labeled tires i tested were paper thin. Tubeless set up is normal and with wtb tcs rims, very stable and predictable. The gk's mounted tubeless (very easy install and excellent air retention), and the bon jon's with challenge latex tubes.

The tread pattern rolls fast on hardpack trails and tarmac, but then when you hit the rough stuff they also provide an impressive amount of grip in both dusty and wet conditions. With gravel riders pushing drop bar bikes further into what we once termed ‘mountain biking’, wtb keep rolling out more aggressive designs. Super fast on tarmac and awesome onngravel.

The gravel king sk and wtb resolute are generally touted as having the best rolling resistance. Which essentially means two things, the compass bon jon pass standard would be according to that test setup like 18.7ish watt and probably as fast as a gravel king slick, what i doubt because the gravel king slick has puncture protection layers and the same compound. They were a lot of unnecessary work to set up the first time and performed like wooden shoes on the very standard terrain and good wheels i rode them on.

Wtb’s 27.5x47mm byways are the main challenger in the road plus tire world. I like the resolutes a bit better, but they only come in a single size. I flatted last saturday in the wild horse gravel ride (de beque, co) due to a rock puncture which the orange seal endurance couldn't completely seal.

The tread pattern features small, square knobs that are tightly spaced through. That seems unlikely given the difference between the turbo cotton and a very slowest of the road tires is only about 10 watts.

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Wtb Riddler Vs Gravel King Sk

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