Snape arrives and doesn’t seem to care much that harry and tom are now ‘dating.’ [at this point the fic is exclusively referring to voldemort as tom, there is no explanation as to why.] snape admits to tom that he always had suspicions about harry’s abusive childhood. They could harm and terrorize and badger every single person in the castle that they wanted, but unless they wanted to be found in the dungeons either petrified or with their skin turned.

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The grammer of this book is going to be shit (english is not my first language) soooo if you see any mistakes please let me now.

Young tom riddle now. And this is my first book. My eyes moved over to tom, even though this isn't his fault he turned the young gryffindor in causing it to lead to such a horrible fate. Stylized collectable stands 3 ¾ inches tall perfect for any harry potter fan.

Frank trained at the royal academy of dramatic art (r.a.d.a.), graduating in 2013. Read young tom riddle x f! Realising that there is nothing he can do in this time to save the wizarding world, lucius malfoy sends harry potter back in time.

See more ideas about young tom riddle, tom riddle, toms. He was the son of wealthy muggle tom riddle sr and witch merope gaunt who died shortly after childbirthhe was the heir of salazar slytherin and was ordered to finish his work. As his soul was no longer whole, so did his body began to disintegrate as well.

Maybe they were a little tired from working on a movie set for over a decade.) chamber of secrets debuted in 2002, when coulson was 23 years old, and he. The actor who played young tom riddle is now sexy af. Young tammy riddle would discover her powers and bully other children at the orphanage and be a psycho by the age of 11.

While tom riddle was young, he was always described as a handsome young man, until he became lord voldemort. Tom doesn’t quite know what that strange feeling is inside his chest. How old is tom riddle now?

And eventhough tom is cruel in nature, he handles you and your baby with utmost care and dare i say it, love. Please refrain from plagiarizing my work! Voldemort (according to pottermore) was born in on 31st december, 1926.

Give him everything you have, sweet thing”. Now in the past, a young harry potter befriends the. There's still a hint of the scary riddle stare about his eyes, but it turns out tom riddle.

Tom riddle harry potter now. We all remember the manipulative, devious tom riddle in. As a child he played christopher henderson in 'welcome to sarajevo' (channel 4/miramax/dragon pictures) directed by michael winterbottom.

Reader from the story harry potter oneshots by kikireiko (kiki reiko) with 865 reads. Tom riddle x female!reader prompt: “i know you’ll make my heir strong.

Aged sixteen frank played tom riddle in 'harry potter and the half blood prince,' directed by david yates. But tom riddle wasn't looking at. Hero would have been around.

He died on 2nd may, 1998 at the age of 71 years, 5 months and 2 days. The moment he decided to divide his soul into multiple pieces, it also began his physical transformation. I looked at malfoy before standing up.

Tom always watches when you breast feed your young one. In the heart of the sea. Tom riddle travels in time and meats his soulmate and his curse is broken.

I looked up from to see the young gryffindor crying on the ground now. Year 1937 to be exact, where harry has no memories of his past life. Yep, almost as scary as the adult voldemort.

Tom riddle is of course voldemort. Intrigued with something so amazing. Slughorn would dote on her like he did with lily, ginny and hermione and she would probably have an even easier time getting intel about horcruxes.

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